The Pipe family



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It is worthwhile to divert onto Edward Pipe’s family. Edward was “posted” away from the area as a customs and excise officer as his marriage was not registered locally and the search had to go into Derbyshire to find his family. I was later to discover that the family had roots in Derbyshire from previous centuries, whether Edward knew this is unknown but he could have lived at an ancestral Pipe property; as we are to learn that the Pipe family were once extensive land-owners.  Edward Pipe was the father of Sarah Hannah Louise Pipe who married Thomas Hallchurch. Sarah was the Mother of Billy, Rex, Gwen St Clair and Lancelot Hallchurch and Grandmother of David, Pamela, Gillian, Mary, Timothy and Richard Hallchurch. The Pipe family was very prominent in Staffordshire in earlier years, according to the “History of Bilston” published in 1893 when the Pipes were Lords of the Manor of Bilston at Pipe Hall. The head of the family is said to have settled at Pype, and Pype Ridware in North Staffordshire soon after the Norman conquest.  The family has certainly lived in the area since the time of Edward I as we will see.


It is apparent that the Pipe family was “upper class” while the Hallchurch/Allchurch families were traders and in earlier times, mainly uneducated.  This may explain why Thomas Hallchurch’s family at the beginning of the 20th Century, was well educated.  They were the first Hallchurchs/Allchurchs recorded as having attended fee paying school and university and who were subsequently had successful careers. There may have been a significant legacy left to Sarah Pipe by her family, she was certainly well educated.


Edward Pipe married Margaret Mary Smith in Leek Staffs Parish Church on 14 Sept 1841.  Edward was “of Full Age” ie over 21 and Margaret was aged 19. Edward was described as officer of excise of Marston Montgomery in Derbyshire son of Robert Pipe, Farmer. Margaret was daughter of John Smith farmer of Park Lane, Enden. The witnesses were Thomas Heaton and Anne Smith (Margaret’s mother?).  The vicar was Thos Heathcote.


The 1851 census from Bagot Street, Abbots Bromley lists the family:


Edward Pipe    age 42 Customs officer            born Austrey

Margaret (Smith) age 28           Wife                 born Alton

Margaret Mary age 8                                        born Marston Derbyshire b 22 May 1842

Edward Smith   age 6                                        born Marston b 26 May 1844

Robert John      age 4                                        born Abbots Bromley b 20 Mar 1847

Charles William            age 1                            born Abbots Bromley

Also Ann Booth age 14 servant.


Edward is also listed in Whites Directory for 1851 as “revenue officer” at Abbots Bromley.


The family had at least two more children, Richard was baptised at Haughton SE of Stafford on 1 Jan 1853, and Sarah Hannah Louise on 11 Aug 1865. She was probably the youngest of the family. When Sarah was born the address was Flax-Oven, Penkridge.


Edward pipe was named in the 1868 West Stafford Poll Book but did not vote, according to the book compiled 24 Feb 1869 for election 21 Nov 1868. He is listed as living in Penkridge Parish, but no address is given.


Edward died on 26 February 1871 at Penkridge aged 62. His will left all to his wife Margaret. Amount under £800. Edwards job as excise officer moved him round the area hence the frequent changes of address.


At the 1881 census Edward was deceased and Hannah (age 15) lived with her mother Margaret Mary and her brother Richard b 1853 at Penkridge Road. Margaret was an Annuitant and Richard a Colliery Agent. They also had a 31-year-old lodger, John C Carr, an Accountant. Margaret’s birth was stated as Alton, Staffs, Richard’s birth as Haughton and Sarah was born in Penkridge. Thomas Hallchurch b 1860 married Hannah Sarah Louisa Pipe at Wolverhampton on 23 July 1887 at Wesleyan Chapel Thomas’s address was given as Princess Street. This is probably the address of his building company and Hannah (she was described as Hannah Sarah Louisa Pipe and not Sarah Hannah as on her birth certificate. She also signed her name H. S. L.Pipe) as living at Pipers Row, Wolverhampton.


Edward’s eldest son Edward Smith Pipe is also to be found in the 1881 census living at Brighton Street Stoke on Trent.                                                                                   

            Edward Pipe    head     age 36  Grocers                        b Marston Montgomery

            Louisa              wife      age 36                          b Penkridge

            Mary L             dau       age 10                          b Stafford

            Edward R         son       age 8                            b Hanley

            Charles W        son       age 5                            b Hanley

            John P              son       age 2                            b Hanley


Margaret Pipe died aged 76 in Wolverhampton on 19 May 1898. It is interesting to note that Lawrence Wilkins, Vicar of St James Nottingham, conducted the funeral service. The Pipe family had lands in Nottinghamshire and there were a number of members of the family who went into the church. It is more than likely that Lawrence Wilkins was a relative.


The next task was to trace the Pipe family further.


We know that Edward was baptised on 3 Apr 1809 at Austrey, Warwickshire. He was son of Robert (junior) and Mary Pipe nee Robertson (Farmer, auctioneer and Innkeeper) of Canwell Gate, Hints, Tamworth, Staffordshire. His father also Robert first lived at Austrey before taking over his fathers interests at Canwell, Hints.


Whites Directory (1834) describes Canwell as follows ”An extra patochial estate of 400 acres, 5 miles S.W. of Tamworth. Anciently it had a small Benedictine Monastry. Seized by Cardinal Wolsey. The Manor now belongs to LORD HENLOCK. CANWELL GATE was built by Sir Robert Lawley. Near the Park is CANWELL GATE a public house occupied by THOMAS CAMMOCK.” (sic)


Robert and Mary also had other children, William (eldest?), Elizabeth, baptised 28 Sep 1794, Ann b 13 May 1801, Richard b 17 Feb 1803 and died 19 Mar, Catherine born 21 Dec 1812 and Anna Maria who was born? and died in Dec 1811. They may have also had a son Robert, as there were burials of a Robert on 23 Apr 1797 and 23 Apr 1800. The Bishops Transcripts for the period are in very poor condition and very difficult to read.


Robert (Junior) left a mammoth Will of seven pages of closely written text and, as was the form in those days, no punctuation.. He was an Innkeeper, Farmer and Auctioneer. He appointed his friends Josiah Kemp Brown of Hints, Staffordshire farmer and John Riddell of Toxall, also in Staffordshire as executors. (Hints is the village a mile from Canwell Gate and presumably the gate to Canwell Hall) He had taken out life Assurance with Norwich Union worth £460. He was also an executor himself.  That of the late George Angus and much of the Will instructs what is to happen to George Angus’s money. It appears that he does not trust others involved in Mr Angus’s estate. There is also mention of the estate of the late Mr William Robotham of Austrey Warwickshire who died on about 13th July 1817 that “my wife Mary Pipe and my Children are interested in..” . It talks of the property vested in Thomas Robotham of Coleshill, butcher, Edward Robotham of Yoxall Mill, Miller and Samuel Grimley of Austrey whom he does not trust. He is afraid that his wife and children may be considerable sufferers by their improper conduct. His wife Mary and a Mr Tite appear to be beneficiaries of the Robotham Will. The rest of his will involves his Inn and Farm. Canwell Gate was then a public House near Canwell Hall on the outskirts of the village of Hints. Sir Robert Lawly owns the farm and properties and he appealed to Sir Robert to let his wife continue as the tenant and then his son William. None of the other children are specifically mentioned except Ann. I presume that William was the eldest. He then gives the alternative, if Sir Robert refuses, with a sale of furniture, plate etc and the money going to his family. He even makes provision if Mary marries again with the money going into trust with her receiving the interest for ten years before receiving the balance. The measure presumably is to stop someone marrying her for her money! Robert died in 1819. 


The inheritance, which was of interest for Mary Pipe, was an income from Tamworth Turnpike. Robert obtained land of 14 acres from a bankrupt, probably Mr Robotham.


We know from White’s Directory of 1834 that the Pipe family had left the Inn by that date. 


Austrey is about 5 miles N.E of Tamworth and Coleshill twenty miles south of Tamworth. Yoxall is about 6 miles N of Lichfield.


The next part of the Will bequeaths to his wife “ the Bed Bolster and Pillow Bedsteads and Hangings in the room I usually sleep in, together with two pairs of sheets, three Blankets and Two Pillow Cases to be selected by my dear wife and the coverlet belonging to the said Bed and also the Coverlet that has my Wife’s Wedding  Gown”.    He also bequeaths a sum left blank. He left to his son William £30 and daughter Ann £10.


There is a burial at Canwell Gate for Mary Pipe aged 76 widow of Robert Pipe on 23 Sep 1814. This is the burial of Mary the mother of Robert. There is also the will of Robert Pipe senior registered at Lichfield for Canwell in May 1806. There was also the burial of Mary Pipe on 11 May 1808, this was probably a daughter of Robert junior.. 


There is another twist to the Robert Pipe junior will as Mr Hain Tite’s name comes up again in the will of Frederick Pipe dated 2 Oct 1868 and who died in 1870. He appoints “my dear wife Emma and my friend Hain Tite Ford of Burton upon Trent, Bank Clerk as executors of my Will.” Going by the dates it is possible that Frederick was a Grandson of Robert.


Robert was son of another Robert Pipe senior married to Esther Cash in Newcastle under Lyne on 12 July 1784. Robert and Esther also lived at Hints next to Canwell Gate. They had at least eight children. Four are recorded as baptised at Hints:


John     25 May 1785

James   18 Feb 1887 died 10 Nov 1838 aged 56

Michael            1 Nov 1789

Kitty     24 Jul 1791









Isabella married Joseph Mayo in 1797; she was dead by 1806 as Robert’s Will speaks of Joseph Mayo widower, son in law. John married in 1812 to Margaret and they had a daughter, Caroline baptised at St Peter’s Wolverhampton in 1810.


Robert’s will gives an insight into the wealth of the family at the time.  The executors were Esther (Robert’s wife) and his brother James of Hopwas. And was dated 19th March in the 45th year of our Soverign George the Third, King of the United Kingdom of England and Ireland in the year of our Lord 1805.


Richard moved to Shropshire where he lived at Spurmel Hall as a farmer.  Robert his father left him £10 in his Will. Robert junior was at this time living in Austrey, Warwickshire. Robert senior purchased the parcel of land from a bankrupt, named Pearson, and included  “a dwelling house”.  There was a condition that Robert junior paid £150 a year to Robert senior’s executors. Robert also left his son Robert £160 in lieu of the said land.


Robert senior left his daughter Mary the sum of £100 secured upon the Tamworth Turnpike and £20 secured upon the Ashby Turnpike “with all interest arising therefrom”.


He also left  his daughter Sarah Draymay living at Sutton Coldfield £100, son James £150, daughter Kitty £150, Joseph Mayo, (husband of late daughter Isabella) 1/-.


Finally Robert bequeathed Benjamin Jacobs and Benjamin Jacobs junior the sum of 5 guineas for the purchase of mourning.


Robert died on 21 Dec 1805 aged 62 and Esther on 28 Jan 1830 aged 87. Their grave is at Tamworth “Robert Pipe died 21 Dec 1805 age 62, also wife Esther died 18 Jan 1830 age 87”.


Robert had a brother who’s will is recorded at Lichfield. James Pipe of Hopwas in the Parish of Tamworth, Yeoman, bequeathed to his wife Mary, a tenement of land situated at Hopwas; having paid her father Thomas Marlor £200 owed to him by James.


James also left his son James a messuage and tenement of land. He also left James and his four daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah and Catherine an equal share in the household goods and furniture and implements in husbandry, books, and other items on the death of his wife Mary. The executors were brother Thomas Pipe of Hopwas and farmer friend James Wilcox of Tamworth.


There is also a will of John Pipe of Tamworth who died in 1798. He could be another brother. John lived at Fazely. His property included a Malthouse at Croft Close, together with adjoining land, garden and stables; plus also: “all and singular tythes and tenths of corn grain hay wool lamb and all other tythes and tenths whatsoever yearly or otherwise arising growing renewing or increasing from in upon or out of my said messuage. “  The Will also mentions income from land owned by two friends Ralph Dudley of Slately and Samuel Stratton of Hints, Yeomen.


The beneficiaries were Joseph Pipe, Elizabeth, Richard, Thomas, and James.


John also has messuage land tenements and real estates at Libertys of Bonehill and Wilnecote.


Robert’s birth in about 1743 is not recorded.  However in the will of Richard Pipe of Hopwas, Tamworth 1779 lists his family, with legacies:


            Daughter Mary Moss wife of Robert Moss £20

            Richard of Atherstone Warwickshire £10

            John £10

            Robert £10

            Thomas £10

            Fanny £10

Elizabeth £10


Wife Elizabeth inherits the remainder of the estate.


This Robert is almost certainly Robert of Canwell Gate as he was the only recorded Robert from the Tamworth area at the time.


The next step was to trace Richard’s birth.  We know that Humphry Pipe = Grace Bott bore a son Richard born in Tamworth,. The other family in Tamworth at the time was that of Samuel, brother of Humphry but no Richard is mentioned in Samuel’s will.


Other Pipe Families in the area.


There was the Pipe family headed by Samuel living at Tamworth at the time with siblings, namely:


Samuel                         baptised           17 Dec 1734    Tamworth

John                             1746

Sarah Grace     baptised           19 May 1752   Tamworth

Elizabeth           baptised 1 Aug 1753    Tamworth

Humphrey        baptised 19 Oct 1755   Tamworth



James                           died 19 Nov 1838


John bore a son Thomas who also lived at Tamworth. Thomas’s son Charles Joshua married Jane Leonard from Worcester. Charles’s son Charles Edwin married Lucy Elgar from Worcester, sister of Sir Edward Elgar, in 1881.  Charles Edwin was born in Lichfield in 1853 his father, Charles Joshua died in 1861and Charles Edwin endued the rough life of a “Charity Brat” at The London Orphan Asylum at Clapton, On 2 January 1868 was sent to be apprenticed by his uncle, Edwin Leonard in Broad Street, Worcester. Mr Leonard was “lame” and Charles Pipe spent most of the time driving his employer in a pony carriage between the Board Street shop and Bath Road house. Mr Leonard owned a “Provision Merchants Shop”. Charles Pipe earned £8 per year until he was aged 20. Following the death of Mr Leonard on 24th March 1873, Charles Pipe became a partner in the business in Broad Street, known as Browne and Pipe. Charles Edwin Pipe died 1938 aged 85. He had been a prominent member of the Glee Club, the Worcestershire Naturalists Club and was keenly interested in the music festivals. He had also been Governor of the Hop Market. His memoirs were serialised in the Worcester Barrow’s Journal in 1972.


Samuel b 4 Jun 1716, was son of another Samuel who married Jane Spateman. They first lived at Walsall and later at Stafford (Tamworth may been in the registration district of Stafford).  Finally Samuel became vicar of nearby Croxall on 1 Nov 1763 until his death in 1779.  There are eight recorded sibling baptisms:


Mary                4 Jun 1713       Walsall

Jane                 12 Nov 1714

Samuel                         4 Jun 1716

Howard                        26 Dec 1717

John                 1 Nov 1720     Stafford

James               20 Nov 1721

Anne                20 Oct 1722

Elizabeth           15 Jul 1726


Samuel was son of Samuel of Bilston who died in 1706.


The Pipe and Pype family are then described in “History of Bilston” published in 1841.



Back to the family line.

Humphrey married Grace Bott on 23 Sep 1717. There is a large marriage agreement drawn up before the marriage.  The dowry was £800 with an agreement to pay back £2000 but this not clear why. Humphrey Pipe was educated at Oxford and with a BA and MA. Samuel had saved £223 1s 6d while at Oxford for seven years probably from his father. Samuel kept a diary that still exists at Statfold Hall. (Fosters Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1886 quotes: Humphrey son of Samuel of Bilston. Pembroke College, matric 9/7/1700 aged 18. B.A. from New Inn Hall 1704, MA from Pembroke 1712.)


From History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire, William White, Sheffield, 1851 - Statfold

"Statfold is a remarkably small parish and manor, three miles NE of Tamworth, containing only five houses, 45 inhabitants, and 450 acres of land, all belonging to Stanley Pipe Wolferstan, Esq, who resides in the Hall, a handsome brick manor, erected in 1571, and having an observatory which commands an extensive prospect. The Wolferstans obtained this manor in marriage with the heiress of the Stanleys, in 1590. The two farms are occupied by the owner, and James Chiswell is the farming bailiff." Church History - "The church is a small neglected structure, containing some ancient monuments, but it has no minister, the parish being too small for the maintenance of one."

All Saints church, which stood in the grounds of the Hall, was used as a mortuary chapel by the Wolferstan family for many years. It was restored and refitted in 1906 for use as a parish church. Location or existence of any register is unknown


Humphrey and Grace bore at least two children, another Samuel born 7 August 1719 and Richard father of Robert..  Samuel was to marry his mother’s niece, Dorothy.


Grace was daughter of John Bott (1641-85) and Elizabeth Wolferstan (1637-1711). Elizabeth was daughter of Francis Wolferstan (1612-76) who married Frances Middlemore (1607-76) of Statfold Hall. (The current incumbents of the Hall are now also Francis and Frances). Francis’s son Stanford (1651-1698) had a son Stanford (1689-1772) who married Sarah Littleton (1691-1775). It was their daughter Dorothy (1715-1754) that married Samuel Pipe (1719-1779) son of Humphrey (1682-1725) and Grace Bott (died 1747).


Humphry’s son Samuel was also at Oxford:


Samuel son of Humphrey of Birmingham, cleric, Pembroke College Matric 26/3/1736 aged 16, B.A. 1739, M.A 1742.


Samuel son of Samuel father of Humphrey, who was to become vicar of Croxall was also at Pembroke Matric 3/4/1767 and James also son of Samuel of Stafford gent. B 1722. Matric Pembroke College 18/5/1739, B.A. 1742, M.A. 1745.


James Pipe stayed on at Pembroke College as he was still there in 1759 as “Batchelor of Arts”.  He made a will on 11th February 1749, but does not mention his position in the College.


He appears to be unmarried and leaves his estate to John Clements Vicar of Coleworth in the county of Stafford and to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The sisters were left £500 while “All and singular my Manor of Bradley in the said County of Stafford and also all my freehold messuages Lands Tenements??? amounts and premises siluate? Lying and being in the corous? Fields Libertis and Pratuits? Of Bilson and Bradley in the said county of Stafford and also all my Suasiholds? And copyhold messuages Lands tenements and accoutrements with the appurtenances in Bradley and Bilston aforesaid to have and to hold the said manor freehold and copyhold messuages lands tenements ….” He goes on to say that John Clements wife Mary shall hold the Manor after the death of John.


James had a sister Mary, and she was probably the wife of John Clements.


Humphrey became under-master of Wolverhampton Free School was buried in the south Chancel of Wolverhampton Collegiate Church in 1716, being a Deacon in Holy Orders.  Wolverhampton registers state:

Humphry Pipe MA, under-master of Wolverhampton Grammar School and youngest son of Samuel Pype Esq of Bilston: buried August 23rd 1705 aged 43 years”. In Bilston Registers the entry reads “1705-6. Tis said yt Mr Humphry Pipe has, by his last will and testament, left a considerable sum of money to be laid out in charitable uses in Bilston, in case  his son Samuel die before he comes of age. His sister Mrs Sarah Pipe has ;likewise by her last will left £40, after her decease to be also laid out in some charitable uses at Bilston, if she do not alter her will in this particular. Ideo Quare. Sarah died on 20 September 1732. A memorandum in the records states: It is also unanimously agreed that from Michaelmas next (1754) the interest of Mrs Sarah Pipe’s legacy shall be applied for the schooling of poor children, pursuant to the recommendation of Mrs Pipe’s executors.” Signed Ed. Best, Minister, Rd Careless, Chapelwarden and others.


Humphry’s son Samuel married Dorothy Wolferstan on 23 Sep 1749. In 1776 Samuel assumed the surname Pipe-Wolferstan by Sign Manual. They had one recorded son Humphrey who carried on the surname Pipe-Wolferstan. This family perpetuated to the present day. Major Egerton Pipe-Wolferstan who was adjutant of the 4th Battalion the North Staffordshire Regiment until he retired in 1902.  There are a number of the families still surviving in 1998 as Pipe-Wolferstan. They included Keith F Pipe Wolferstan of 3 Fox Court, Stowmarket, IP14 1HQ (01449 672648) and a cousin Francis and wife Frances, still living at Statfold Hall, near Tamworth.


Samuel Pipe MA became Rector of Walton on Trent and Vicar of Croxall Derbyshire.


There are a number of recorded Pipe events from Croxall:


Ann = Robert Earp 16 Jan 1826

Ann = William Coleman 12 Dec 1875

Catherine do of John & Ann Pipe 1811

Elizabeth do of John & Ann Pipe 27 Dec 1818

Hannah = James Markland 11 May 1869

John so Benjamin & Hannah Pipe 22 Jan 1832

Mary = John Camp 23 Nov 1812

Mary = Thomas Woodward  18 Jul 1870

A volume by the name of  The Plantagent Roll of the Blood Royal” a table of all livings descendants of Edward 3rd compiled by the Marquis of Ruvigny in 1907” stated that there were an estimated 100,000 descendants of Edward 3rd living. There is a line from Dorothy Wolferstan through the Littleton family to the Devereux/Essex family. The Deveraux family are descended from Lady Isabella Plantagenet. There is also a line via Humphry Pipe b 1682 who married Grace Bott on 22 Sep 1713. Grace was daughter of John Bott and her mother was Elizabeth Wolferstan.


According to a note in Ruvigny  Samuel Pipe Wolferstan was a distinguished antiquity and associate of Stebbing Shaw the Staffordshire Historian. “


Humphry baptised in 1682, son of Samuel Pipe and Howard Prince. Samuel married Howard (sic) aged 22, daughter of Sir Richard Prince of Shrewsbury, in 1664.  Samuel registered the family Coat of Arms. The family lived first in Bilston and there are eight recorded baptisms at St Peter’s Church, Wolverhampton plus two other children:


            James (heir)

Elizabeth           20 Apr 1664

Sarah              8 Jun 1665

Dorothy                        8 Dec 1667

Philip                18 Aug 1669

Samuel                         23 Jun 1670

Samuel                         17 Dec 1672

Mary                20 Sep 1674

Richard                        20 Nov 1677



The father of Samuel was Sir Walter. From about 1669 Samuel lived in Bilston, and lived at Bilston signing the earliest preserved page of Bilston’s Chapel Warden’s Accounts in 1669, holding the post several times and dying in 1706. The death is recorded in Bilston Chapel records written by Rev Richard Ames, Curate “Nov 2 1706 On ye same day, about seven o’ye clock in ye morning, Samuel Pipe Esq, died of a cholic, or such like acute illness, having reasonably hearty ye evening before aged as I take it about 65 years. He left ten pounds to ye poor.”


Walter Pype was son of Samuel of Bilston,  who had another son Walter who died as a youth and buried in Wolverhampton and a daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas Jevon of Sedgley.


Walter was fined £12 in 1631 for not appearing to be knighted. However he must have later withdrawn his objection, as there was a plaque in Wolverhampton Church to the memory of Sir Walter Pipe.


This Samuel b 1559, was son of Sir Richard Pipe. Sir Richard was first married to Margaret Moseley daughter of Nicholas Moseley of Bilston, when aged 25 and then to Elizabeth, daughter of Humphry Luce of London on 24 May 1546 at St Lawrence Jewry. Finally he married Jane, widow of Henry Beecher who left a Will dated 1588.  Together they bore at least seven children including:


Johan or Jo’nes            baptised                       21 May 1551   London St Stephen, Coleman Street

Elnor                                        12 Nov 1551   Wolverhampton St Peters

Mary                                        5 Jan 1554       St Lawrence Jewry, London

Mary                                        16 Jan 1555     St Lawrence Jewry, London

John                                         12 Aug 1558    St Lawrence Jewry, London

David                                       8 Jan 1558       St Lawrence Jewry, London

(Drapers give bap 22 Jan 1557)

Samuel                                     19 Jun 1559     St Lawrence Jewry, London

Richard                                                Married Elizabeth daughter of Humphrey Luce of London

Joanne                                      Married Richard Boylston of Derbyshire

Susan/Susanna                          Married William Munsey

Rose                                        Married Henry Spercy in Staffordshire

Alice                                        Married James Duce of Staffordshire


Elizabeth Luce’s father Humphry Luce leaves a will dated 1549. Susan appears to have married twice. First to William Munsey who leaves an interesting will, making their two sons William and Richard executors.


He leaves “ cousin Boylson a ring and gown valued at £6 and to my mother one also and to her £20 in money. To my wife all the plate this day in my house. The rest to my children equally. If it please God to send that the debt of Stafford’s causes may be recovered then I will that there may be given the debt of Stafford’s causes may be recovered then I will that there may be given to the Town of Cambridge £10 that the Mayor of the Town & his bretheren mat put it to three men, 5 marks apiece, to have it upon good surities for two years; and so others after to have like from time to time. Also I give 5 Marks to the Mayor to make dinner to the chief of the Town; also £10 which the Mayor or Brethren shall cause 20 sermons to be made & allow 10/- for every one: also £20 to the Town which I have promised them. Also I give £10 for a Dinner at Iremongers Hall and to the Hospital £5. 40s to the poor of this parish. This is to take effect if that money which I have disbursed for Stafford’s cause may be recovered, or but the half thereof.” Also in the will he says that “I hadd greate losse”


Sir Richard Pype went to London becoming a rich merchant. He was elected Alderman of Bishopgate in 1570 and then Sheriff in 1572 when he represented the City Council before Queen Elizabeth I. He became Lord Mayor of London in 1578. The History of Bilston relates:


 Richard, after receiving an education worthy of his position, displayed a strong inclination for commercial pursuits, and he was accordingly placed with a wealthy London mercer, of high reputation, names Wallingford. Here he displayed such excellent business qualifications, and at the same time such superior literary tastes, that he became known to so of the most prominent scholars and merchants of the time; associating with some of Shakespeare’s contemporary dramatists; if not with Shakespeare himself, although such prudence that it never injured his commercial reputation with the grave and prejudiced City fathers. He was elected a councilor for his ward in Bishopsgate, so well did he look after the welfare of the citizens that he was in 1570 elected Alderman of the ward. His house became a resort of many of the most eminent men I politics, literature and commerce, for he was skilful in conversation, eminent in tact and judgement, gay and witty, grave and venerable, wise and learned. He encouraged the arts, patronised literature, helped the needy and fed the poor. In the year 1572, he was elected sheriff, and had the honour of representing the City before Elizabeth, when business or policy induced the City Council to appeal to the Queen. In 1578, he was raised to the highest public dignity, and on several occasions showed his will and power to benefit the citizens not only generally, but those of his ward particularly. During his mayorality a dispute occurred respecting the boundaries of Aldgate and Bishopsgate wards, Sir Rowland Heyward, alderman of the former ward, claiming certain houses of considerable value as belonging to his ward. The contention Sir Richard Pype resisted and challenged proof of Sir Roland’s claim. The matter was argued on several occasions before the court of Aldermen, with the result that Sir Richard Pype secured the disputed houses for his own ward, by the admirable way in which he searched for proofs and placed his facts before the court. A striking proof of the esteem with which he was regarded in the literary world is afforded by the fact that Stephen Gosson dedicated his book “A short apology for the School of Abuse, 1579, the Right Honorable Sir Richard Pype, knight, Lord Maior of the Citie of London, and the right worshipful his brethren continuance of health and maintenance of civil government.”


On 14th April 1578 Sir Richard Pype, Lord Mayor of London, to Burghley, Requests licence to transport 500 quarters of damaged wheat, belonging to the City of London. This is according to the Harlean Manuscripts in the hand of Nicholas Charles who died in 1613.


Sir Richard died on 19 September 1587 and left a will dated 22 Jun 1587. He also had lands in Nottinghamshire and is described as Richard Pipe of Mullingwell in the County of Nottingham, knight.  He divided his estates “equally into three partes” . “to Jane my wyfe one equal parte according to the laudable custom of the city of London… I give my children hereafternamed that is to saye Humfrye Pype Richard Pype, Samuell Pype Margaret Chamberleyn and Suzan Smith and the third part of my fair goods chattels and debts …..  hereafter specified .. to my sonne Humfrye and his wyfe my sonne Smith (son in law) and his wyfe and to my coson (Cousin?) Boilson to carfe? Of them a .. of Ffiftye Shilling…. And I will that there be giben to the company of Drapers a guilt cupp of the value of twenty shillings mark. I will that my executors shall give out of my third parte to Margaret Mamisye when she shall come to one and twenty yearsor be maryed thirty pounds and to the poor at my buriall tenne pounds also for my sonne Richard Pype my house in Lawrence Lane (London?) called the Myter that one Claytondwelleth in with the rent …. To have and to holed the same to him and to his heirs for ever  …. Jane my Wyfe and Humfrye Pype my sonne my oyornfo?. And I give to Jane my Wyfe the bason and silver that I had with her and a rest of the best gilte bonolles?. And to my sonne Humfrye Pype my a bason and pewter passol gilte. And I mase my sonne Samuell Pipe and sonne Chamberleyn my oversoers of this my saide will and testament. And I gyve to either of them for theire paynes therein five pounds …. Hand written this with my owne hands as my full minde and deede …”


The Drapers’ Company at Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, London have no record of the cup ever having been received.  Sir Richard translated to the Drapers’ Company from the Leathersellers’ Company on 2nd October 1571. Such a move was necessary so that he could become Lord Mayor in 1578 since the ruling at that time was that a Mayor had to be a member of one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies. (Drapers are number three and Leathersellers fifteen)


Sir Richard was elected Master of the Drapers’ Company three times – in 1573, 1577 and 1581. He was followed by his son David, who was admitted by Patrimony on 10th January 1581. David made free of the Company, one apprentice Henry Ince in 1591.


The records of the Drapers’ Company gives the following other information:


Knight before 11 Feb 1579

Alderman Bishopsgate 1570-87

Sheriff 1572

Mayor 1578

Master Leathersellers 1566

Merchant Adventurer (Johnson ii. 459)

Will 22 Jun 1587

Proved 4 Nov 1587

Died 19 Sep 1587


Stowe. 146. Decision regarding boundary between Lime Street and Bishopsgate 1579

Boyd Roll: son DAVID (P.1581) bap 22 Jan 1557

Vis. Lond. 1568. P 10.; Drake’s Hundreds of Blackheath p. 121.; He & Gen VII.35&185

Marr Twice     (i) 24 May 1546, S,Lawrence Jewry, Elizabeth Luce, dau. Of Humphry LUCE (“^$)^)

                        (ii) Jane, widow of Henry BEECHER (8797), Her Will 1588 PCC ii Leicester


Johnson ii, 156. Was Mayor in 1578-9 when Casiaus Count Palatine paid a visit to England to answer a charge of having used forces against the Netherlands. The Drapers had to contribute £28 towards the entertainment.


Vis.Lond.10. Gives his mother as Margaret, dau of Wakelyn of Derbyshire. 


Sir Richard was son of Richard and Margaret daughter of Wakelyn of Derbyshire. Richard died in 33rd year of Henry VII (1542) and was buried in our Lady’s Chapel in Wolverhampton Church. He left a widow who was Alice daughter of Ralph Baron Ducie and two sons, John his heir and Richard an infant. Alice was likely to have been his second wife. Richard and his brother John were sons of Thomas de Pype of Billestun, who died the fifth year of Henry VII (1490). John died without issue so Richard became heir. 


Thomas was son of William son of Walter de Pype.  Walter was in turn heir of John de Pype.


The History of Bilston states “In the 20th year of Richard II. Gwalter de Pype was witness to the will of John de Byllestone in which John gave certain lands in Bilston to his children, John, Margaret and Joan. In the 36th of Henry VI William Pype is described in an old deed as son and heir of William Pype. This William and his brother John were two of the landowners in Bilston who agreed in 1548 to surrender certain land lying in the “Windmill Fields” in Bilston, and in the crofts called Prison Croft, Pagebirch Croft, and Moxall Croft, to the use of Sir Thomas de Edrington for the purpose of founding a chantry in Bilston chapel, called Erdington’s Charity, to be held by the priestfor the time being on condition he prayed for the repose of the souls of the founders. The deed is still preserved in the muniments of the Wrottesley family and was exhibited in the last Wolverhampton exhibition. (It is believed that the document was destroyed during a fire at Wrottesley Hall (now a Hotel)


John Pype was a witness to a deed signed apud Darlaston dies Petrius ad Vincula 1339. John became vicar of Bradley in North Staffordshire. He married a daughter of Hugh Mollesley, by whom he had several children among them Walter their heir, and John. In 1415, John Pype and a number of Bilston men at his instigation were presented in the Hundred Court by Sir Hugh Burnell “for that they had broken into his closes at Willenhall, trespassed upon his lands, and committed damage to a grevious extent, in defiance of the law”. What let to this riotous conduct and the verdict arrived at, is not recorded.


The History of Bilston then reports:


In the early 15th Century Iron Pipe (sic) owned 15 tenements and in 1458 a Chantry was founded. John and William Pipe being two of the founders who gave land lying in Windmill Field. In Elizabethan times Sir Richard Pype paid an Easter Tithe of 13 ½ pence in lieu of hay! During the same period John Pipe paid an ancient “quit rent” to the Lord of the Manor for pasture ground adjacent to Stow Heath. The holder of Hume’s Tenement in 1699 was Samuel Pipe, Esquire, who may have been the person given as a Bailiff within the Constablewick of Bilston, in the Manor of Stowheath”, 1716. The original seat of the Pype or Pipe family was at Pype, then Pipe Ridware, mentioned in the 20th year of Richard II.


Thomas Pype father of Sir Richard, was son of William Pype who succeeded Walter Pype. Thomas married Alice Ducie daughter of  Ralph, Baron Ducie.


Thomas’s son Richard Pype was a juror at inquisition 42nd year of Henry III reign (1262). Next was Robert Pype attorney to Bishop Alexander in 1286, succeeded by Randulph Pype in 1293, whose son Robert Pype de Bilston succeeded in 1342. This Robert had two sons John and Thomas. Thomas became Chantry Priest in Lichfield Cathedral, his brother John succeeding to the estates, his heir was Walter and other son John was Vicar of Bradley, subsequently Archdeacon of Coventry, dying in 1374. In the 36th year of Henry VI (1468), William Pipe was the son and heir of Walter Pipe the elder, he and his brother John being the ones mentioned earlier who gave lands in “Windmill Fields”, later given more in “Prison’s Croft”, “Pagebirch Croft” and “Moxall Croft” to “Erdington’s Charity”.


Robert was son of Randulph bore Sir Robert and Sir Thomas Pype. Robert had two sons: John and Thomas who married Margaret Bassett and a daughter Margarett.  Margaret married Sir William Vernon and produced at least three sons, Henry, Richard and William plus daughters. The Will of Sir William Vernon dated 1468 still exists, leaving his Manor etc to his sons.


Despite phone calls to all the Pipes in the local telephone directories, no living members of the Bilston/Tamworth Pipe family have been found. However two Pipe-Wolferstan families have been contacted. There is another ranch of the Pipe family that come from East Anglia. Members of that branch say that they are descended from the same roots but the connection is back in the 176th century. The Pipe families currently living in Lichfield are descended from the East Anglia family. There appear to be more Pipe families in USA and Canada, than there is in England. Some day I will check to see where they came from.


There area also a few Pype families in France and Belgium. There seems to be no relationship between the Pipe/Pype families and the Piper name.

One record shows Margaret as daughter of William Pype:

“Margaret PYPE

Father: William PYPE

Family 1: William VERNON

  1. Henry VERNON


This indicates a second marriage to Henry!


Sir Robert de Pype Kt. A witness at proof of age of Edm. Baron of Stafford, 30 Jy 1294 (Inq).0. Comr in Staff., Derb., and Lei., 23 Aug 1295, and re Magna Carta in Staff. 10 May 1300. Assessor, etc., of subsidy there, 1 Nov 1301, and 1302 (P.R.). Sumd from Staff. To serve agst Scots 25 May 1298 (P.W.). Outlawed with Rog. And Thos de P. for the unlawful assemblies, but pardoned 16 Apr. 1326 (.R.).


The life of Sir Thomas is quite well documented.


Thomas de Pype held Bradley Manor, Bilston in the year of Edward II, & marched with him against the Scots in the previous year. The History of Bilston states “ Thomas Pype according to the Assixe Rolls for the 17th of Edward II (133) was on Wednesday December 7th of that year before John de Stonore and other of the King’s Justices and the Jurors of the various hundreds in the County of Stafford held at Tamworth, when certain present were made to the effect that Sir Tomas Pype, Knight, and Philip Lutteleye, who had lately acted within the said Counry as the principal Taxers and Collectors had within the last ten years taken great sums of money from various villes under cover of their office and appropiated the same for their own use. They appeared before the court and pleaded guilty; but prayed that the Justices would mulet them in a fine for their transgressions. Thomas de Pype got off with a fine of £40. The fact that Thomas had just returned from serving the King against the Scots was probably taken into account. 


Thomas sat as a juror on an Inquisition held in the Michaelmas Term in the 44th year of Henry III (1262) at which Margaret de Bromwyche sued John Wygot for the imprisoning her against the King’s peace.


The entry in the Harleian Society 1930 – Knights of Edward I reads:


Sir Thomas de la Pipe Kt, Dasure c ussile d’or a une fesse dor. Staff.(Parl). Holds lands at Draycote, Staff, late of P. Edm., 3 Jy. 1297 (Inq.). He has married sine lic. Margaret, wid. Of Edm., Baron of Stafford, 26 Aug. 1308 (C.R.) . Sr Thos de P. acknowledges 1 ½ Kt. Fee, and will serve per 3 serjeants, 10 Sep 1310 (P.W.). Having served in 4 Ed II, has his scutage. In divers counties, 20 Jy. 1319. (S.R.). Protection for him and w. Margaret, going over seas, 24 Feb 1311. Pardon re Marchinton under Nedwode. Staff., to the Parson of Hambury, 3 Nov 1313 (P.R.). Hw and w. Margery hold lands in Warw. Formerly of Edm., Baron of Stafford, 20 Feb. (C.R.), and he is lord of Madeley and Bradley in the Moors, staff., 5 Mar 1316. Sumd to serve agst, Scots 30 Mar. 1314 and 1316 (P.W.). Sr Thos. De P., Kt., witnesses deed of Guy, E. of Warwick, 12 Mar, 1315. Assessor etc., of subsidy, Staff., 2 Dec 1322. Supervisor of Array there 1 Aug. 1324, Warw, 1325, Conservator of Peace, Staff., 5 Jy 1324 (P.R.). Made Custos of Kinver Forest 7 Aug. 1322 (F.R.). Sumd as a Kt. Of Staff. And Warw. To Gt Council at  Westminster 9 May 1324 (P.W.). He and w. Margaret, with Rob. And Rog. De Pype, Ralph de Stafford, and others were outlawed for unlawful assemblies, but forgiven, as they are in company of the Const. Of Dover Cas. And for K., 16 Apr. 1326 (C.R.).


Sir Thomas’s father was Randulph de Pype son of Roger de Pype.  Randulph who died in 1342, left as his heir Robert, brother of Thomas.


Thomas had a brother Robert. He, with William de Stafford and William de Wrottesley by letter Patent, dated from St Edmund’s, on 10th March 1300 was appointed a justice for the County of Stafford for the due observance of the Articles of the Great Charter and Statute of Winchester. This Robert had a son Thomas Pype who in 1318 served under John de Somery, Baron of Dudley. (See also the Allchurch family and their connections with the Dudley family at this time.)


Roger, father of Randulph was chosen by Alexander, Bishop of Lichfield, as his attorney to appear on his behalf in a charge that he, the Bishop, had without warrant, made a saltatorium or deer leap, against the boundary of Cannock Forrest in the year 1286whereby the King’s deer had frequently escaped or had been driven by the Bishop’s men into the Bishop’s land and could not return, wherein ye Chief Forester claimed restitution.


Roger was son of Sir Robert who died in 1293. In 1286, Sir Robert was appointed as attorney to Bishop Alexander of Lichfield. He married Maud Thamethorpe.


Sir Roberts father was another Ranulph, who was son of another Robert de Pype. born c 1190. The History of Bilston states “[The Pypes] a knightly race of Norman extraction and of military celevrity; once the associates of Kings and nobles who’s connections with Bilston dates back in an unbroken line to the twelfth century. … The head of the family is said to have originally settled at Pype. Pype Ridware, in the north of the county, soon after the Conquest, on lands bestowed upon them by the Conqueror, for military services. Shaw, in his History of Staffordshire, tells us: “that the Pipes of Bilston were an offshoot of the Redware Pypes abd came here [to Bilston] when the family divided. Whether that be an actual fact or not little matters; but it is certain that a regular succession of Pypes have resided here since the time of Edward I., as documentary evidence amply proves. But it is almost a matter of certainty that the date of their settlement here was many years earlier. One member of the family fought under the King’s banner against the Scots under Sir William Wallace, and in the reign of Edward II.;  for according to the Normanorum Villorum Roll for Staffordshire of the 9th year of that King’s reign (1281) Thomas de Pype was Lord of the Manor of Bradley in Bilston.


Another member of the Pipe family also researching the family believe that the original family name in Norman times was La Feber and that the first Robert’s father was Richard La Feber.


Pipe Hall


The Pipe Hall of today is a sad ending to a great estate. It is now by the side of a railway bridge facing St Leonard’s Church. The Hall was built before the church as earlier Pipe baptisms, marriages and burials were held in Wolverhampton.  The Hall was built in Hall Street that took its name from the Hall.




The existing Hall is a replacement from the 18th century. The original Pype Hall was built as a half timbered building from possibly Norman times and at least from the 12th Century. It is reported to have been built of great strength at a time when the country was in conflict between the Saxons and Normans. Documents exist connecting the family with Bilston from the time of Edward I.



The History of Bilston reads:


Sir Richard Pype heads the list as principal landowner. He built a splendid mansion near the present Pipe Hall, and here he spent most of his time, when he could release himslf from the cares and anxieties of his business and public duties in the City. (other records suggest that he rarely returned to Bilston as he also had lands in Nottinghamshire).”


James b 1721 son of Samuel lived at Pype Hall, Bilston when not in Oxford, but did not have any children. He sold the Hall in 1748 to Captain Barber of Summerfield. Barber’s heir then sold the Hall to James Wilkinson, the famous iron-master.  It later became a private school then a pub and nightclub.



The family tree is probably as follows:


Thomas Hallchurch m Sarah Pipe 1887


Edward b 1808 d 1871 = Margaret Smith


Robert Pipe bc 1765  d 1819 = Mary Robertson


Robert Pipe b 1743 d 1805 = Ester Cash


Richard Pipe m 1735 = Elizabeth //


Humphry Pipe b 1682 = Grace Bott --- see Wolferstan next page


Walter  Pype 1631 fined £12 for not turning up to be Knighted


Samuel b c1580 Lord of Manor of Bradley m Elizabeth Wrottesley


Sir Richard Pype. b1523 Lord Mayor of London 1578 m Margaret d of Nicholas Moseley


Richard  d 1542 m Alice d/o Ralph Baron Ducie


Thomas Pype d c1490


William Pype b c1420


Walter b1374


John b c1350  (brother Thomas  Chancery Priest at Lichfield Cathedral)


John Pype b c1330


Robert de Bilston b c1290


Randulph Pype d 1342 brother of Sir Thomas


Roger d 1293


Sir Robert Pype de Bilston d 1293 attorney to Bishop Alexander in 1286 m Maud Thamethorne


Ranulph Pype b c1220


Robert Pype b c1190


Richrd la Faber b c1160

The Pipe and Pipe Wolferstan Connections


The Hallchurch / Pipe family is related to the Pipe Wolferstan family of Statfold Hall, Tamworth  through Grace Bott.


David  H          Pamela H      Gillian Copeland    Mary Copeland      Timothy H    Richard H

          |_____________|                       |_____________|                                   |________________|     

|                                                          |                                                 |

William (Billie)  Reginald (Rex)               Gwendolyn (Gwen)              Lancelot (Lance)          St Clair



Egerton Stanley PW = Eleanor Grace Shawe        Sarah Hannah Louise Pipe = Thomas Hallchurch

            |                                                                                  |

Francis Stafford P W b 1826 = Sarah Maria Belli                  Edward Pipe b 1909 = Margaret Smith

            |                                                                                  |

Stanley Pipe Wolferstan b 1785 = Elizabeth Jervis                          Robert Pipe = Mary Robertson         

            |                                                                                  |

Samuel Pipe Wolferstan b 1751 = Margaret Biddulph b 1753   Robert Pipe b 25 Sep 1744 = Ester Cash

            |                                                                                  |

Dorothy Wolferstan b 1715  = Rev Samuel Pipe b 1719         Richard Pipe  b c 1721 = Elizabeth//                                                

                        |                               |____________________________|

|                                                                    |

Sarah Littleton b 1692 = Stanford W        Humphrey Pipe b 1682 = 23 September 1713 Grace Bott   

|                      |                                                                                              |                                 

|Stanford Wolferstan b 1651 = Susannah Creed b 1664   Elizabeth Wolferstan = John Bott b 1631               

|                            |____________________________________________|

|                                                                                   |

Sir Edward Littleton MP b 1650                        Francis Wolferstan b 1612  = Frances Middlemore

|      = Mary Wrottesley                                     |

Sir Edward Bt = Hester Courteen           Captain Hercy Wolferstone RN b 1554 = Mary Egerton

|                                                          (Battle of Cadiz)

Sir Edward 1st Bt= Mary Fisher                                     |

|                                                         Humphrey Wolferstone = Katherine Stanley

Sir Edward MP = Margaret Deveraux                             |

|                                  Thomas Wolverstone b 1494 = Maud Stanley

            Sir Henry Shirley Bt = Lady Dorothy                  |

                                                     Devereaux        Richard de Wolverstone b 1503 = Elizabeth Sekforde

     |                             |

                                    Duke of Somerset           John de Wolverstone b 1471


                                                                        Robert de Wolverstone d 1452


                  Thomas de Wolverstone d 1428 = Margaret Wynnesbury


                                                                           Roger de Wolverstone = Elizabeth Fitzraffe


Roger de Wolverstone


Pipe memorials and Graves


Tamwoth Roll of Honour from WW1 includes A J Pipe & C T Pipe of Hopwas.


Local Graves:




1. John Pipe of Wylde Green father of Ann Barton died 16 Nov 1839 age 73 also Elizabeth his wife died 3 Oct 1845 aged 80


2. Ann Pipe died Feb 1767 aged 20


3. James Pipe died 10 Nov 1838 aged 56


4. John Pipe died 8 Mar 1807 age 61


5. Sarah Pipe died 18 Jul 1789 age 40`


6. Joseph Pipe died 3 Sep 1807 age 33


7. Elizabeth wife of John Ashmally & Dau of John & Sarah Pipe died 21 Mar 1807 age 32.


8. Marianna, Emily, Elizabeth, Thomas, children of Thomas & Joanna Pipe


9. Richard, Elizabeth James, & Jane Elizabeth, children of Richard and Mary Pipe.


10. Mary Ann Pipe died 25 Feb 1873 age 68 & Elizabeth Susannah Pipe died 5 Jul 1909 age 61


11. George Pipe died 11 Apr 1849 age 30.


12. James Pipe of Tamworth died 19 Nov 1838.


13. Joseph Pipe son of John & Sarah Pipe of Fazeley died Sep ? age 33


14. James Pipe died 27 Oct 1841 age 55. Also Sarah Wheatley Pipe who died 12 Aug 1855 age 69


15. Richard Pipe d 11 Feb 1846 age 68 also Mary died 20 Jun 1859 age 77.


16. Robert Pipe died 21 Dec 1805 also Mary died 20 Jun 1859 age 77.


17. Robert Pipe died 21 Dec 1805 age 62, also wife Esther died 18 Jan 1830 age 87.















There is a record of a Pype family in Belgium in the 17 Century


·        BIRTH: 7 MAR 1679, Geluwe (B), 8940




                   _DANIEL PYPE _______


|                 |_MARIA MASSCHELEIN _




|                  _JOANNES LOUAGE ____


                  |_MARIA PATYN _______



There is still a family in Belgium today.


·        BIRTH: 22 JUN 1993, Hornu (B), 7301






|                 |_________________________________________






                  |_MARIE-THÉRèSE CORNELIA DESMYTER ________




There is a record of a Margaret Basset who first marries Edmund Stafford and then Thomas de Pype:

Margaret BASSETT

·        BIRTH: ABT 1280, DRAYTON,England

·        DEATH: 17 MAR 1336/1337

·        REFN: 8502-S1

Family 1: Edmund STAFFORD

·        MARRIAGE: BEF 1298, of,DRAYTON,Staffordshire,England

1.      Ralph De STAFFORD

2.      Richard STAFFORD

3.      Catherine De STAFFORD

4.      Elizabeth De STAFFORD

5.      William STAFFORD

6.      Margaret De STAFFORD

7.      Humphrey STAFFORD

8.      Jacobus De STAFFORD

Family 2: Thomas De PYPE