Family [F298]



Joseph Henry PIPE {M} [P162] = Sarah Jane DRAKEFORD {F} [P768]


Annie PIPE {F} [P774] = John BOSTOCK {M} [P797] > Family [F311]

Emily PIPE {F} [P772] = Jack SMITH {M} [P798] > Family [F312]

Alice PIPE {F} [P773] = Reg BUNYAN {M} [P799] > Family [F313]

Charles PIPE {M} [P776] = Annie Meehan CLINTON {F} [P801] > Family [F315]

Elsie PIPE {F} [P771] = Harry John CROFTS {M} [P780] > Family [F301]

Frank PIPE {M} [P779] = Elizabeth DAVIDSON {F} [P802] > Family [F316]

Harry PIPE {M} [P775] = Nancy BUTLER {F} [P800] > Family [F314]

Frederick PIPE {M} [P777] = Aurnoa LEES {F} [P778] > Family [F300]


While in Tamworth, Joseph Henry was in the Voluntary Fire Brigade, and became the Fire Chief. It is worth noting that the London Metropolitan Fire Service was only established in 1865. There are Photos of him while Fire Chief, with the rest of the Brigade.
As stated on the Birth Certificate of Charles Pipe, his father Joseph Henry was a Licensed Victualler, the address been given as 25 Market St Tamworth. Joseph Henry ran the tavern in Nuneaton "Ye Railway Tavern"

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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