Family [F3]



Robert PIPE {M} [P10] = Mary ROBERTSON {F} [P11]


Elizabeth PIPE {F} [P14] = John WEBSTER {M} [P86] > Family [F27]

Robert PIPE {M} [P360]

Mary PIPE {F} [P383]

Robert PIPE {M} [P18]

Ann PIPE {F} [P15]

Richard PIPE {M} [P16] = Mary COLLINS {F} [P198] > Family [F58]

William PIPE {M} [P388]

Mary Isabella PIPE {F} [P17]

Edward PIPE {M} [P2] = Margaret SMITH {F} [P3] > Family [F1]

Anna Maria PIPE {F} [P13]

Catherine PIPE {F} [P12] = William Harrington LAGOE {M} [P373] > Family [F127]

James PIPE {M} [P19] = Hannah // {F} [P20] > Family [F4]

Sarah PIPE {F} [P227] = Michael ILLEDGE {M} [P537] > Family [F193]


Austrey St Nicholas Church "In sacred memory of six children , sons and daughters of Robert & Mary Pipe of Canwell Gate who died in their infancy"

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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