Surnames beginning with B

BARKELEY, Catherine (DEVEREUX, Catherine) [P1050]; {F}; 1468-1503; -1488
BARKELEY, John [P1051]; {M}

BARRE, Anne [P1024]; {F}

BARTON, [P301]; {M}

BASKERVILLE, James [P976]; {M}
BASKERVILLE, James [P1040]; {M}

BATES, Mary [P538]; {F}
BATES, Mary [P788]; {F}

BEATSON, Lt Col Leonard Frank OBE [P629]; {M}

BEAUCHAMP, William 3rd Duke of Somerset [P673]; {M}; 1651-1671

BEECH, Emma [P770]; {F}

BELL, James [P229]; {M}
BELL, James [P657]; {M}

BELLI (HILL), Sarah Maria [P632]; {F}; 1835-1906; Statfold

BIDDULPH, Margaret [P232]; {F}; -1786; Statfold
BIDDULPH, Simon [P685]; {M}
BIDDULPH, Walter [P684]; {M}

BINT, Hannah [P248]; {F}; 1791-; Brierly Hill

BIRCH, Peter [P536]; {M}

BIRCHER, Mary [P539]; {F}

BOSTOCK, John [P797]; {M}

BOTT, Grace [P281]; {F}; -1748
BOTT, John [P297]; {M}
BOTT, John [P953]; {M}

BOURCHIER, Cecille [P1052]; {F}

BRACKENBURY, Blanche [P616]; {F}; -1924

BROMWICH, Elizabeth (Maud) [P1031]; {F}

BROWNE, Margery [P102]; {F}

BRUCE, Charles 4th Earl of Elgin & Ailesbury [P676]; {M}; 1682-1747
BRUCE, Lady Mary [P678]; {F}; 1700-1738
BRUCE, Thomas 3rd Earl of Elgin & Ailesbury [P675]; {M}; 1646-1741

BULL, Edward [P407]; {M}

BULLOCK, John [P378]; {M}
BULLOCK, John [P430]; {M}

BUNYAN, Reg [P799]; {M}

BURDEN, William [P485]; {M}

BURNELL, Lucy [P1012]; {F}

BURTON, William [P98]; {M}

BUTLER, Nancy [P800]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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