Surnames beginning with D

DAVIDSON, Elizabeth [P802]; {F}

DAVIES, Samuel [P432]; {M}

DE BRAOSE, Margery [P1014]; {F}

DE CLACY, Heloise [P1002]; {F}

DE CROPHULL,, Sir Thomas [P966]; {M}

DE EVREUXS, Edward of Salisbury [P990]; {M}; 1060-1130; Salisbury Wilts? (Before the conquest?)
DE EVREUXS, Reginald [P1000]; {M}; 1099-1140; abt Hereford
DE EVREUXS, Robert [P992]; {M}
DE EVREUXS, Walter [P989]; {M}; 1033-; Rosmar, Normandy, France
DE EVREUXS, William [P988]; {M}; 1019-; about

DE FERRERS, Anna (Agnes) Family1 Family2 [P983]; {F}

DE HARDSHULL, John [P520]; {M}

DE LA PIPE, Sir Thomas Family1 Family2 [P167]; {M}

DE PYPE, John Family1 [P513]; {M}
DE PYPE, Thomas [P267]; {M}
DE PYPE, Thomas [P333]; {M}; -1490; minor at father's death
DE PYPE, Walter [P335]; {M}; 1374-

DE VERE, Margaret [P1020]; {F}

DE WOLFERSTONE, Robert [P705]; {M}; -1452

DE WOLVERSTONE, John [P704]; {M}; -1471
DE WOLVERSTONE, Richard [P701]; {M}; -1503
DE WOLVERSTONE, Roger [P706]; {M}
DE WOLVERSTONE, Roger [P707]; {M}
DE WOLVERSTONE, Roger [P708]; {M}
DE WOLVERSTONE, Roger [P713]; {M}; -1461; Wolverston Hall
DE WOLVERSTONE, Thomas [P709]; {M}
DE WOLVERSTONE, Thomas [P711]; {M}; -1428

DEAKIN, Charles [P794]; {M}
DEAKIN, Sarah [P533]; {F}
DEAKIN, Sarah [P57]; {F}; 1749-1789; Tamworth

DEVERAUX, Ann [P756]; {F}; 1650-; Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts
DEVERAUX, Anna (Agnes) Family1 Family2 (DE FERRERS, Anna (Agnes)) [P983]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Barbara Family1 [P1059]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Catherine [P987]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Catherine Family1 [P974]; {F}; 1606-; Staffordshire
DEVERAUX, Cecille (BOURCHIER, Cecille) [P1052]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Dorothy (HASTINGS, Dorothy) [P1064]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Edward [P978]; {M}
DEVERAUX, Edward [P1056]; {M}; 1558-1622; Chartley Staffs
DEVERAUX, Elizabeth [P969]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Elizabeth [P986]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Elizabeth [P1066]; {F}; 1541-; Carnarthen Castle
DEVERAUX, George [P1063]; {M}
DEVERAUX, George [P1067]; {M}; 1543-; Carmarthen Castle
DEVERAUX, Henry [P975]; {M}; 1515-1547; about
DEVERAUX, Jane (SCUDAMORE, Jane) [P671]; {F}; 1599-1674
DEVERAUX, John [P754]; {M}; 1615-1694; About
DEVERAUX, Lettice (GREY, Mary) [P752]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Lettice (KNOLLYS, Lettice) [P1074]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Margaret [P972]; {F}; -1625; Lichfield, Staffs
DEVERAUX, Margaret (GARNEYS, Margaret) [P1055]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Penelope [P1075]; {F}
DEVERAUX, Richard [P984]; {M}
DEVERAUX, Sir Richard [P1072]; {M}; -1547
DEVERAUX, Sir Robert [P1076]; {M}; 1566-1601; beheaded, London
DEVERAUX, Sir Walter [P1053]; {M}; 1488-1558; Chartley, Staffs
DEVERAUX, Sir Walter [P1062]; {M}; 1539-1576; Carmarthen Castle
DEVERAUX, Sir Wiiliam [P584]; {M}; 1525-1579; Chartley Staffs
DEVERAUX, Thomas [P985]; {M}
DEVERAUX, Walter [P1077]; {M}

DEVEREAUX, Lady Dorothy [P669]; {F}

DEVEREUX, ? (LONGFIELD, ?) [P1005]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Alice (GRANDISON, Alice) [P1011]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Anna (Agnes) Family1 Family2 (DE FERRERS, Anna (Agnes)) [P983]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Anne (BARRE, Anne) [P1024]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Anne (Margaret) Family1 Family2 (CROPHULL, Anne (Margaret)) [P1026]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Anne Countess Pembroke Family1 [P1041]; {F}; 1436-1486; about
DEVEREUX, Catherine Family1 [P1038]; {F}; 1438-; Weobley Herefordshire
DEVEREUX, Catherine Family1 [P1050]; {F}; 1468-1503; -1488
DEVEREUX, Cicely (, Cicely) [P1018]; {F}; -1501
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth (BROMWICH, Elizabeth (Maud)) [P1031]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth (MERBURY, Elizabeth) [P1036]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Elizabeth [P1048]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Eustace [P1003]; {M}; 1160-1204; abt Hereford
DEVEREUX, Heloise (DE CLACY, Heloise) [P1002]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Isabel (CANTILUPE, Isabel) [P1007]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Isabel [P1044]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Joan [P1022]; {F}
DEVEREUX, John [P1017]; {M}
DEVEREUX, John [P1032]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Lucy (BURNELL, Lucy) [P1012]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Margaret (DE VERE, Margaret) [P1020]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Margery (DE BRAOSE, Margery) [P1014]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Mary (GREY, Mary) [P752]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Matilda (GIFFORD, Matilda) [P1009]; {F}
DEVEREUX, Richard [P1033]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Richard [P1037]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Sibil [P1039]; {F}; 1430-; Eardisley Hereford
DEVEREUX, Sir John [P1019]; {M}; 1320-1393; Bodenham Hereford
DEVEREUX, Sir Walter [P1025]; {M}; 1357-1403; abt Hereford
DEVEREUX, Sir Walter [P1028]; {M}; 1387-1420
DEVEREUX, Sir Walter [P1035]; {M}; 1411-1459; Bodenham, Herefordshire
DEVEREUX, Sir Walter [P1043]; {M}; 1432-1485; Carmathenshire
DEVEREUX, Sir William [P1021]; {M}; 1332-1376; -1340 Whitechurch Hereford
DEVEREUX, Stephen [P1006]; {M}; 1195-; Kington, Herefordshire
DEVEREUX, Stephen [P1016]; {M}; 1281-1350; abt Bodenham, Herefordshire
DEVEREUX, Thomas [P1034]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Thomas [P1045]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Walter [P1004]; {M}
DEVEREUX, Walter [P1013]; {M}; 1261-; about Lenhales, Herefordshire
DEVEREUX, William [P1001]; {M}
DEVEREUX, William [P1015]; {M}
DEVEREUX, William [P1008]; {M}; 1219-1265; to 1229 Hereford
DEVEREUX, William [P1010]; {M}; 1240-1314; abt Lyonshall, Herefordshire

DRAKEFORD, Sarah Jane [P768]; {F}; 1853-; Coleshill Warcs
DRAKEFORD, Thomas [P769]; {M}

DRURY, Alexander [P226]; {M}; 1804-; Shenstone

DUCEY, (,) [P952]; {F}
DUCEY, [P958]; {M}
DUCEY, Anne [P954]; {F}
DUCEY, Dennis [P959]; {M}
DUCEY, Ellen [P956]; {F}
DUCEY, Henry [P945]; {M}
DUCEY, Henry II [P949]; {M}
DUCEY, James [P943]; {M}
DUCEY, James [P950]; {M}
DUCEY, Jane [P951]; {F}
DUCEY, John [P948]; {M}
DUCEY, John of Ballyduff [P962]; {M}
DUCEY, Mary (HARDY, Mary) [P946]; {F}
DUCEY, Patrick of Ballinstray [P960]; {M}
DUCEY, Richard [P944]; {M}
DUCEY, Robert [P947]; {M}
DUCEY, William of Dungarvan [P961]; {M}

DUCIE, Alice [P938]; {F}
DUCIE, John [P941]; {M}
DUCIE, Richard [P942]; {M}; 1540-; about

DUCIE (BARON), Ralph [P939]; {M}

DURVASSAL, Jososa [P743]; {F}
DURVASSAL, William [P742]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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