Surnames beginning with L

LA FABER, Richard [P449]; {M}

LAGOE, William Harrington [P373]; {M}

LANGLEY, Lucy [P375]; {F}; 1821-; Whaittaker, Warks


LE GROS, Gerold [P991]; {M}

LEES, Aurnoa [P778]; {F}

LEONARD, Jane [P140]; {F}; 1823-; Worcester

LITTLETON, Anna [P1083]; {F}
LITTLETON, Constance [P1087]; {F}
LITTLETON, Edward [P607]; {M}
LITTLETON, Edward [P973]; {M}
LITTLETON, Eleanor [P1086]; {F}
LITTLETON, Ellen [P1085]; {F}
LITTLETON, George [P1078]; {M}
LITTLETON, Gilbert [P1088]; {M}
LITTLETON, Jane [P1079]; {F}
LITTLETON, Joyce [P668]; {F}
LITTLETON, Leticia [P1089]; {F}
LITTLETON, Margaret (SHIRLEY, Margaret) [P579]; {F}
LITTLETON, Margaret (DEVERAUX, Margaret) [P972]; {F}; -1625; Lichfield, Staffs
LITTLETON, Margaret [P1084]; {F}
LITTLETON, Marie [P1081]; {F}
LITTLETON, Sarah [P571]; {F}; 1692-1775
LITTLETON, Sir Edward 1st Bt MP [P576]; {M}; 1559-1657
LITTLETON, Sir Edward Bt [P574]; {M}; 1599-1657
LITTLETON, Sir Edward MP [P572]; {M}; 1650-1704
LITTLETON, Sir Edward of Pillaton MP [P578]; {M}
LITTLETON, Thomas [P1082]; {M}
LITTLETON, William [P1080]; {M}

LONGFIELD, ? [P1005]; {F}

LUCE, Elizabeth [P454]; {F}
LUCE, Elizabeth [P644]; {F}
LUCE, Humphry [P645]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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