Surnames beginning with W

WAKELYN, Alice (DUCIE, Alice) [P938]; {F}
WAKELYN, Margeret [P936]; {F}
WAKELYN, of Derbyshire [P937]; {M}; -1542; Ladt Chapel, Wolverhampton Church

WATSON, Lovegood [P258]; {M}

WEBSTER, Baron D Webster of Penns Warcs [P720]; {M}
WEBSTER, John [P86]; {M}

WHATLEY, Anne [P793]; {F}; 1747-1767

WHEATLEY, Doreas [P484]; {F}

WOLFERSTAN, Dorothy [P386]; {F}; 1715-1754; in childbirth 11 days after Humphry's birth
WOLFERSTAN, Elizabeth [P282]; {F}

WOLFERSTAN OF STATFOLD, male [P656]; {M}; -1769

WOLVERSTAN, Joyce [P667]; {M}; 1719-1775
WOLVERSTAN, Sarah [P666]; {F}; 1717-1781

WOLVERSTONE, Capt Hercy [P689]; {M}; 1554-
WOLVERSTONE, Francis [P603]; {M}; 1612-1676
WOLVERSTONE, Francis [P659]; {M}; 1638-; Statfold
WOLVERSTONE, Hastings [P694]; {M}
WOLVERSTONE, Humphrey [P692]; {M}
WOLVERSTONE, Katherine [P691]; {F}
WOLVERSTONE, Katherine [P696]; {F}
WOLVERSTONE, Maude [P695]; {F}
WOLVERSTONE, Middlemore [P686]; {M}; 1643-; d unm
WOLVERSTONE, Rev Stanford [P660]; {M}; 1651-1698
WOLVERSTONE, Robert [P700]; {M}; -1607; d without issue
WOLVERSTONE, Thomas [P697]; {M}; 1494-

WRIGHT, Charles [P627]; {M}
WRIGHT, Sarah [P380]; {F}

WROTTESLEY, Elizabeth [P527]; {F}; -1642; Wolverhampton
WROTTESLEY, Mary [P573]; {F}

WYNNESBURY, Margaret [P712]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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