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Stress Management

How much is stress affecting your life?

Managing stress effectively is an important part of a person's health. If a person is in a life-threatening situation or feels or imagines (s)he is in danger, an automatic reflex action in the mind is triggered to prepare her/him for the emergency. This is called the 'Fight or Flight' response or Alarm Reaction. Immediate physiological changes in the body take place as a result of the reaction of the Sympathetic Nervous system. For example the adrenal glands produce adrenalin that keeps the stress reaction going. Adrenalin is like the body's accelerator, keeping it going at a peak rate. Normally, the stress response is designed to reduce as a result of the physical exertion involved in the fight or flight response.

However, in modern living, the danger is that the alarm reaction is triggered most of the time for all manner of situations at work and at home, both physical and emotional. Our foot is kept on the accelerator giving no time for the mind/body system to normalise. The body gets so used to the mind firing off the stress response that it does so inappropriately and can leave us with very unpleasant symptoms. Thus the risk of a person becoming physically or emotionally ill is greatly increased.

Some of the pointers to stress include:

  • reduced concentration
  • irritability
  • relationship problems
  • anxiety and depression
  • health and sleep problems
  • constant tiredness
  • loss of motivation
  • lower self-esteem

I can help you understand the nature of stress and how to manage it.

  • How to identify your own personal stress factors
  • How to spot the warning signs in yourself and those around you
  • How to take effective coping action

Relaxation and Visualisation

Relaxation is the natural antidote to stress. When a person is stressed a signal is sent to the brain that there is danger and the sympathetic nervous system is activated. Relaxation cancels this message by activating the parasympathetic nervous system thus the signal to the brain changes and switches off the stress response.

Correct breathing is the basis of all relaxation. Breathing from the diaphragm in a controlled way allows the correct balance of chemicals in the blood. This is very important because stressed people tend to breathe very shallowly and this can prevent them not only from being relaxed but also cause some unpleasant symptoms. Correct breathing is a learned behaviour and when the skills are in place it can aid most stressful situations.

Visualisation or guided imagery (trance, hypnosis) is the most powerful resource a person has for effecting change. Constructive use of the imagination can discover new possibilities thereby restoring balance and enriching our lives


"I was angry and depressed after my cancer operation. Tony helped me change my attitude and improve my family relationships."
Male 34, Surrey

"My anxiety and my health were out of control after various traumatic events, and Tony restored my mental and physical well-being"
Female 38, Surrey

"After 3 years of weekly relationship counselling and psychiatric treatment for various personal failures damaging my work and family prospects, I felt worse than when I started. Tony helped me resolve the issues and restore faith and confidence in myself."
Male 43, Hants

"I was terrified of Wasps. After two sessions I am able to tolerate them. Its miraculous!"
Female, 28, Hants

"I hated spiders and they would send me into extreme panic. After one session I found one in my shower and did not react at all. Amazing."
Female, 23, Surrey

"I had OCD and various attempts at treatment for twenty years and after two sessions with Tony it had lifted. Treating me in my home was also a great help."
Male 36, Sussex