Private AYRES John of Oxford October 1829
do. ADAMS John of Cumner17 May 1830
do. BENNETT Thomas do. October 1829
do. BASTON James do. 1 May 1830
do. CHURCHILL James of Wytham 1 May 1830
do. COLLIER James of Wolvercote October 1829
do. COX John of Oxford 1 May 1821
do. DAVIES Thomas of Cumnerdo.
do. EATON Henry of Cumnerdo.
do. FRANKLIN John do. do.
do. FRANKLIN Wm do. do.
do. FRANKLIN James do. do.
do. HEDGES Thomas do. do.
do. HEDGES Henry do. do.
do. HEDGES James of Wythamdo.
do. HORN Thomas of Botleydo.
do. HAYNES Robert of Cumnerdo.
do. LIPSCOMBE Henry of Wythamdo.
do. LAMBOURNE Wm of Cumnerdo.
do. PARKER George of Wolvercotedo.
do. SANDERS Fredkof Cumner30 March 1830
do. STEVENS Richard of Oxford do.
do. SAXTON Vincent of Wolvercote1 May 1830
do. TUBB John of Cumnerdo.
do. WYATT George of Wolvercotedo.

Headquarters at Islip. Register for 4th-9th September 1830, during the period of the Otmoor riots. 'In aid of  Civil Power'.  The Officers included: Lord Churchill of Blenheim and Lord Norreys of Wytham. The QOOH are currently a TA unit with the HQ in Banbury and a Troop in Oxford.  The webmaster of otmoor.co.uk commanded the QOOH from 1989-91.