Family [F233]



John ALLCHURCH {M} [P3394] = Ann SIMKIS {F} [P1605]


John ALLCHURCH {M} [P2423] = Priscilla BROOKS {F} [P735] > Family [F270]

Richard HALLCHURCH {M} [P799] = Phoebe HILL {F} [P393] > Family [F144]

Margaret HALLCHURCH {F} [P1224]

Sabina ALLCHURCH {F} [P1117] = Richard ASTON {M} [P1606] > Family [F563]

Joseph ALLCHURCH {M} [P1118] = Sarah // {F} [P2476] > Family [F601]

Thomas ALLCHURCH {M} [P830] = Mary MOBLEY {F} [P1610] > Family [F564]

Elijah ALLCHURCH {M} [P619] = Mary ASTON {F} [P1032] > Family [F374]

Margaret ALLCHURCH {F} [P833] = Joseph BATHAM {M} [P1609] > Family [F414]

Charles ALLCHURCH {M} [P1113] = > Family [F1330]


17 Jul 1833
John Allchurch the elder of the hamlet of Amblecote in the Parish of Oldswinford Stafford - Miner
to my wife Ann
dwelling house with the outbuildings garden at Bott lane Oldswinford in the couty of Worcestershire now in the occupation of Joseph Collins
My son Thomas
Dwelling House out buildongs etc at Bott Lane in the occupation of Edward Dudley
my som Elijah
my grandson Richard son of Thomas
half the garden near the house of James Hill at Bott Lane
my son John
my daughter Margaret wife of James Hill

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