Family [F282]



Jos ALLCHURCH {M} [P252] = Anne CARTRIGHT {F} [P781]


Mary HALLCHURCH {F} [P794] = > Family [F352]

Thomas HALLCHURCH {M} [P1211] = Sarah TOWNSEND {F} [P2791] > Family [F1002]

John HALLCHURCH {M} [P1037] = Jane Elizabeth MULLETT {F} [P1038] > Family [F376]

Margaret HALLCHURCH {F} [P790] = Thomas MEESE {M} [P1736] > Family [F350]

Charles ALLCHURCH {M} [P4275] = Sarah {F} [P4276] > Family [F1545]

Sarah HALLCHURCH {F} [P804] = William BEDDARD {M} [P1737] > Family [F354]

Anne HALLCHURCH {F} [P814] = William PAGE {M} [P3494] > Family [F384]

Zipporah (or Lipporah) ALLCHURCH {F} [P789] = > Family [F588]

Joseph HALLCHURCH {M} [P784]

Anne ALLCHURCH {F} [P817]

Samuel HALLCHURCH {M} [P1196] = Mary Ann WINDMILL {F} [P127] > Family [F44]

Jemima ALLCHURCH {F} [P805] = > Family [F906]

Jane ALLCHURCH {F} [P819] = Daniel PEARSON {M} [P1747] > Family [F609]

David HALLCHURCH {M} [P1031] = Anne or Olivia (Possibly) // {F} [P1142] > Family [F424]

Maria ALLCHURCH {F} [P3495]


Cottage in Brockmoor with Brewhouse, Outbuildings Garden
Four Dwellinghouses left to son in Law
Richard Beddall
Benjamin Sitch
John Pennyfoot
Thomas Smithyman
at Brierly Hill
Owned coal pit called Butty Colliers worked with Brother in Law Anthony Ashton and Zachary Thompson held under the Rt Hon Lord Viscount Dudley and Ward
Daughters Mary Beddall and Ann Allchurch
Grand Daughter Sarah Allchurch
Brothers in Law John Bowater and Elijah Green were exexutors 10 Feb 1824
my two sons Joseph and Thomas and son in law Richard Beddall executors

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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