Family [F323]



Isaiah HALLCHURCH {M} [P4] = Mary Ann WILLIS {F} [P1103]


Thomas ALLCHURCH {M} [P898] = Mary Ann // {F} [P2701] > Family [F348]

Mary Ann HALLCHURCH {F} [P1640] = William COPE {M} [P1641] > Family [F578]

Lydia HALLCHURCH {F} [P770] = John BENTON {M} [P3499] > Family [F540]

Sarah Jane HALLCHURCH {F} [P764] = Ambrose YARDLEY {M} [P3411] > Family [F1231]

Emily HALLCHURCH {F} [P1107] = William BENTON {M} [P4780] > Family [F1771]

Sarah Ann HALLCHURCH {F} [P766] = William A MASON {M} [P1535] > Family [F546]

Amelia HALLCHURCH {F} [P763] = Arthur BROWN {M} [P3852] > Family [F539]


Mary was dead by 1891. Isaiah lived at 21 Cottage Street as Allchurch with Sarah Mason and his son in law William Mason an Anchor Chain Maker.

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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