Family [F816]



Thomas ALLCHURCH {M} [P2305] = Margaret PARDOE {F} [P2343]


Elizabeth ALCHURCH {F} [P2344] = William GIDDINS {M} [P3268] > Family [F1175]

Joseph ALLCHURCH {M} [P2346] = Sarah GILES {F} [P3277] > Family [F1180]

Jane ALLCHURCH {F} [P2348] = Samuel MERCHANT {M} [P3270] > Family [F1177]

Thomas ALLCHURCH {M} [P2349] = Sarah // {F} [P2406] > Family [F837]

Martha ALLCHURCH {F} [P2351] = William GRIFFITHS {M} [P3269] > Family [F1176]

Susanna ALLCHURCH {F} [P2354]

Marius or Marcus ALLCHURCH {M} [P2357]

William ALLCHURCH {M} [P2362] = Elizabeth DRAPER {F} [P2061] > Family [F734]

Maria ALLCHURCH {F} [P3272]


Bewdley Poor Law Settlement Examination 16 Jan 1800 Thomas Allchurch Labourer, born Bewdley. That his father's settlement is in the parish of Dowles in the county of Salop. That upwards of 8 years ago he married at the parish church of Ribbesford to Margaret his wife by whom he has 3 children now living viz Elizabet 6, Joseph 4 & Jane 1 (x)

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
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