Family [F846]



John ALLCHURCH {M} [P2359] = Winifred BEAMAN {F} [P2438]


James ALLCHURCH {M} [P3273]

Elizabeth ALLCHURCH {F} [P2439] = Richard EXON {M} [P3318] > Family [F1197]

Charles ALLCHURCH {M} [P2443] = Sarah {F} [P2956] > Family [F1068]

Edwin ALLCHURCH {M} [P2441] = Harriett TOMLINSON? {F} [P2961] > Family [F1073]

Isaac ALLCHURCH {M} [P3259]

Jacob ALLCHURCH {M} [P3260]

Winifred ALLCHURCH {F} [P3362] = James PAYNE {M} [P3363] > Family [F1220]

Benjamin ALLCHURCH {M} [P2445] = > Family [F905]

Helen ALLCHURCH {F} [P2442]

Mary ALLCHURCH {F} [P2446] = James PALMER {M} [P2654] > Family [F932]

Jane ALLCHURCH {F} [P2447]

Ellen ALLCHURCH {F} [P2653]


Shoemaker 1837 living at Welch Gate
Fruiterer at 1841 census living at Load Street Bewdley
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Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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