Complete bid writing and management service from Oxford Consultants


Our Aim is to win

Most companies, even large organisations, do not have teams of bid experts sitting around waiting for the next assignment.  Most have to cobble together whoever is available at the time who often reluctantly join the bid team and in most cases start too late and finish up working all night to get a second rate bid out to meet the deadline.

We provide winning leadership to clients wanting to capture more business. We provide Proposal Management for clients attempting to capture large, complex contracts. Our specialty is Communications, Command and Control and ISTAR other defence areas in UK, Europe and the USA.  Our consultants have all been former service officers or Civil Servants or have worked in the defence industry.  We aim to provide consultants who have intimate knowledge of the subject.

Our experienced staff understands what it takes to deliver a winning proposal. Their broad systems engineering expertise and general domain knowledge help focus the winning story quickly and efficiently.

Our Proposal Services are about leadership, strategic perspective and a winning process.