Your Own Web Site

We can produce your own site from 350 plus updating for a year from 100. This includes:


Your domain registration with direct connection

E-Mail forwarding to your existing e-mail address

Web site re-routing 

A link from this site

Up to six web pages ( a page can be as long as you like - within reason!)

Up-loading the web pages

Submission to search engines

Installation of hidden Meta Tags to assist is searching

Weekly updates of minor details and monthly changes to pages.

E-Mail forwarding means that you can have an e-mail address such as "" and mail to that address will be forwarded to your existing address eg  The forwarding address can be changed if you change your ISP so that your personalised e-mail address can remain with you. You can have as many personalised addresses as you like, all forwarding to your existing e-mail address. By registering " (or, .org, .net etc) you can have as many prefixes as you like such as or . All will be forwarded to your exiting e-mail. Your e-mail address will be the same as your web address i.e. (this address does not exist - yet!)

E-mail your basic requirements and phone number and we will call to discuss the detail.