Newspaper Cuttings from 1960


Some older inhabitants.  Aubrey House on Brill Road was named after Aubrey Merry, whose cottage was on the site in1960






The Nursery Gardens on the Brill Road is now run by Mr Robbins, sister Eveyn Caple





L A Thomsonís business was next to the Kingís Arms


The Blacksmiths was at the junction of Brill & Oakley Road








Mr Leslie Beckleyís firm in what was then called Steel Lane, now Mill Lane and formerly Millsís Lane







The filling station in 1974 showing Mill Lane before the modern houses were built.  Note that the bungalow was demolished and the Call Box was later moved to its present location outside the shop. Mrs Auger lived in the house in Mill Lane to the right of the church. The original shop was connected to this cottage and had a thatched roof.