Is this the worst election leaflet ever? - nothing is true.

The truth is that the Liberals were in third place behind Labour and Conservative. These figures were made up my amateurs.

The new information officer is a non political post to ensure that the people of the County are aware of how their money is spent, what they are entitled to, and what are Council policies. Oxfordshire County Council is spending less per head on communications than the Liberals in the Vale of White Horse District Council.   1% for the County council compared with 2.6% for the Vale of White Horse.  Liberal-run Liverpool spends 7.5 million pa on communications.- Liberal own goal!

Oxfordshire roads, according to an independent survey, are amongst the best in the country, despite the County loosing 6 million of the roads account taken away by the Government last year.

Again - remember the Liberals were in third place.

This is produced by a bunch of amateurs - nothing positive, no indication of their policies and clear lack of understanding of local issues. Would you trust them to represent you in the County council when they cannot tell you the truth?

Ensure that you return Conservatives.