What bird would attack a swan?


Lake 'lse' Lake Near Terrace, B. C. Canada


On May 1st, 2008, the pictures of this Eagle and Swan were taken at Lake 'lse' Lake Near Terrace,

British Columbia, CANADA, and were taken by a friend from his boat launch at his cottage.

He said that  "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to top it all off I had my camera by me. 

Double luck".



What a beautiful bird, so graceful and majestic.

... until the Bald Eagle takes exception - and feathers fly.

This one is so amazing to see the eagle wing span beside the swan. Poor thing must be scared to death.

The eagle is losing his grip on the swan here.

Has just lost his grip on the swan.

The swan starts falling straight down.

The swan falls into the water, swims away and the eagle just looks on. I am amazed the eagle would tackle something so big in mid air. Earl from British Columbia, Canada