Fête Pictures

Results first 225 runners




Mens Individual     


1st     R Grant          1hr 19.48


2nd    D Wheeler     1. 20.34

3rd    R Brown         1.21.04

4th     R Browne       1..21.25

5th    S Allison         1.22.18

6th     T Dixon           1.22.51   

Ladies Individual

1st    M Horton     1.32.31


2nd    S Pitts        1.38.14

3rd    C Adams    1.44.03

4th    B Orth        1.47.04

Mens Veterans

1st    R Grant        1.19.48

2nd    D Wheeler  1.20.34

3rd     T Dixon        1.22.51

Ladies Veterans

1st     S Pitts    1.38.14

2nd    B Orth       1.47.04

3rd    L Huxley    1.49.09

Mens Supervets

1st     J Exley    1.28.49

2nd    M Shipway    1.32.26

3rd    R Blackurn    1.38.08

Team Results


1st     Hook Norton Harriers

2nd     Thame Ladies

3rd     Bearbrook Joggers

Men & Mixed

1st     Headington Road Runners A

2nd    Oxford City Veterans

3rd    Woodstock Harriers

4th     Headington Road Runners B

5th    Witney Road Runners A

6th    Witney Road Runners B

7th    Cherwell Runners & Joggers

8th    Handicross Runners

9th     Birthboys

10th    Thame Runners

11th     North Oxford Water Babies

Cadets Trophy presented by Mrs Catherine Shepherd  

More pictures and results to follow.

Further details from Ted Ogden (351421) Basil Lyster(351373)


Otmoor Challenge 2001 

Half Marathon Pictures

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