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Do you want to trace your UK ancestors?  Do not hesitate to E-Mail us and we will help you make a start. There is no charge for initial advice.  However we can only help with ancestors who lived in England and Wales.


Once we have ascertained that your family comes from the UK, we will require a deposit of about 100 pounds Sterling or 160 US Dollars to pay the researchers.  Please do not send any money until we have made free initial checks.


Before you pay anything, we recommend that you contact all your relatives to gather as much information as possible dates and places are very important. It is virtually impossible to trace a common name when we do not know the place they came from and the rough date of birth or marriage.


We also recommend that you first check the information available on the internet such as the LDS International Genealogical Index (IGI)  and other web sites.

UK records of births marriages and deaths are held at Myddleton House in London from 1837. However in order to obtain details of the events one has to buy a certificate costing UK Pounds 6.50. They can only be purchased by personal visits. This we can do on your behalf.  E-Mail for quotation.

Records prior to 1837 are held in parish records and Bishop's Transcripts of the parish records. However most of the records have be microfilmed by the LDS Church and can be viewed at their offices and in major public libraries in the UK. It can take several hours to look through the film to find what you are looking for, and in the end it may lead to disappointment. The details have been used to compile the IGI and are available on line at their web site. However there are many omissions and a number of errors. These records go back to the start of Parish records in the late 16th century, although many early records have not survived.  Other information can be obtained from wills, and copies can be obtained for 5 pounds sterling. Local Genealogical societies have indexed births and marriages and some have started on deaths.

Another source of information is the census records. Censuses started in 1841 and have continued every ten years since then except 1941. The 1851 and 1881 censuses have been indexed, and the microfilm is available from the LDS Church. The census records after 1891 are not yet available to the public.

Document dated 1337, one of the first to mention the Allchurch ancestors.


We can obtain the birth, marriage and death certificates, census details and copies of wills (if they exist). Our researchers can then fill in the gaps from local records and other material. Most researchers charge under 10 pounds sterling per hour but as they know where to find the records they can achieve quite a lot in the time. They also charge a modest amount towards travel costs, postage etc,


Once we have all the records available we can transfer your records onto a CD-ROM, including scanning of your pictures, maps and documents so you can browse the history using your Internet Browser. The data can also be uploaded to your Internet Web Site.


Once the CD-ROM has been produced, further copies can be made for all your family. Those valuable family pictures can be seen by all the family and stored for posterity. Even torn and marked photographs can be repaired before display. Items and pictures can always be added later.


Please E-Mail us for a quote with as much information that you have on where your family originated. Please remember we can only help with UK records.





Wanted - all information on the Allchurch and Hallchurch families for the Family History.


Please contact us with any information. Pictures of persons, homes, schools, places of works especially wanted. Also newspaper cuttings



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