West Indies 16th December to 12 January 2014

Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia

Purple Throated Carib - Dominica

Green Heron - Dominica

Nutmeg Mannikin - Dominica

Grey Kingbird - everywhere

Green Throated Carib

Antillean Euphonia

Red-necked Parrot endemic Dominica

Red-legged Thrush

Eared Dove

Zenaida Dove

Plumbeous Warbler endemic Dominica

Common Ground Dove

Cattle Egret - Grenada

Little Blue Heron

Carib Grackle St Lucia

St Lucia Warbler - endemic St Lucia

St Lucia Black Finch (f) endemic St Lucia

Mangrove Cuckoo St Lucia

Osprey - Dominica

St Lucia Oriole endemic St Lucia

Magnificent Frigate Bird (f) St Lucia

Ruddy Turnstone East Winds Hotel St Lucia

Grey Trembler St Lucia

Carib Grackle St Lucia with sugar packet

Broad-winged Hawk - Grenada


Brown Booby St Lucia & Dominica

Yellow-crowned Night Heron - Grenada

Semi-palmated Plover East Winds Hotel St Lucia

Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (m) St Lucia

Green Throated Carib St Lucia

Purple Thraoted Carin St Lucia

Antillean Crested (m)

Antillean Crested (m)



Yellow Warbler (m) Dominica

Antillean Creted (f) nesting in Christmas Decorations on Christmas Tree at East Winds Hotel lounge

Lesser Yellowlegs East Winds Hotel St Lucia

Royal Tern St Lucia

Lesser Antillean Saltator St Lucia


Brown Booby St Lucia

American Kestrel (f) and (m) St lucia

Purple-throated Carib - Dominica