About the Otmoor Web Site

The catalyst that started off the idea came from the successful Brill web site.  The aims, not in any particular order, are to:

bulletencourage visitors to the area
bulletencourage local business and bring in more trade and to help sell goods and services
bulletadvertise to visitors to the area, where that can stay, eat and pubs to visit
bulletprovide information on the area of interest to residents and visitors alike 

The project costs money. Setting up has cost over £200, with domain registration, e-mail forwarding and submission to indexes to enable people to find the site on the internet. There is also the ongoing annual costs of domain registration etc. I have also had to produce flyers and notices to let people know about the site. It is therefore necessary to make modest charges for advertising. However there is no intention to charge for advertising of local events or church information.

I would like to find a point of contact in each village to coordinate the information and hopefully directly input to the web site (I will provide the site details and password). If anyone can help, please e-mail me on timothy.hallchurch@oxfordshire.gov.uk or phone 01865 377099 (office) 

I appreciate that the site is still a little amateurish. I have not had the time to add the bells and whistles to improve the looks. However I believe in keeping the site simple as it then takes less time to download, without covering the pages in graphics.   For the technically minded, I have now resorted to "frames" on some pages. I appreciate that some older software will not accept such pages; please let me know if there are any problems.  I currently use MS FrontPage 2003 to compose the pages using add-ins from Namo Web Editor and other applications.

Keeping up with events is proving impossible as organisers rarely inform me of future events.  Future events will only be displayed if requested.

If there are any clever graphic artists out there who are willing to produce attractive graphics for the site, then I will be pleased to hear from them.

Tim Hallchurch


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