Family [F742]



Jonathan Fitton TAYLOR {M} [P2085] = Elizabeth ALLCHURCH {F} [P2066]


Benjamin Fitton TAYLOR {M} [P2108] = Mary Eliza MURRAY {F} [P2364] > Family [F819]

Harry TAYLOR {M} [P2109] = Alice WILLIS {F} [P4768] > Family [F1764]

Laura TAYLOR {F} [P2110] = Harrison KEIGHLEY {M} [P4766] > Family [F1762]

Nelson Fitton TAYLOR {M} [P2112] = Leah TURNER {F} [P2367] > Family [F820]

Alice TAYLOR {F} [P2113] = Hubert RATHMELL {M} [P4767] > Family [F1763]

Mary TAYLOR {F} [P2114] = George FENTON {M} [P4770] > Family [F1766]

Jack TAYLOR {M} [P2115] = Irene WYATT {F} [P4769] > Family [F1765]

Elaine TAYLOR {F} [P2086] = Bradbury DONALD {M} [P2087] > Family [F744]


Emigrated to Lachine near Montreal Quebec but returned when Elaine was aged 9.

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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