Surnames beginning with B

BADGER, Ann [P3335]; {F}
BADGER, Elizabeth [P4707]; {F}; 1647-; about

BAKER, Edith [P3378]; {F}; 1906-; Greenwich
BAKER, Edith Mary (ALLCHURCH, Edith Mary) [P3373]; {F}; 1878-1956; Greenwich, 7 George Street?
BAKER, Eileen abigail [P3377]; {F}; 1904-; Greenwich
BAKER, Jean [P4104]; {F}
BAKER, Maureen [P4105]; {F}
BAKER, Robert [P3376]; {M}
BAKER, Sabinah [P387]; {F}; -1749; Old Swinford
BAKER, William [P4103]; {M}; 1905-1965

BAKER NEE CASWELL ?, Elizabeth [P1073]; {F}

BALLARD, Phyllis Alma [P4266]; {F}; 1918-; South Litteleton about

BAMPFIELD, Elizabeth [P1694]; {F}

BANFIELD, Angela [P4259]; {F}
BANFIELD, Brian [P4258]; {M}
BANFIELD, Julie [P4260]; {F}
BANFIELD, Lee [P4261]; {M}
BANFIELD, Linda (ALLCHURCH, Linda) [P4257]; {F}; 1950-; Swansea about

BANKS, Lilian [P3885]; {F}

BANTING, John [P693]; {M}

BARFORD, Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P634]; {F}; 1610-; Rowley Regis ?
BARFORD, Nicholas [P1422]; {M}

BARKER, Albert [P4100]; {M}; 1901-1984
BARKER, Amanda [P4695]; {M}
BARKER, Harriet [P3796]; {F}; 1880-; about
BARKER, Jeremy [P4694]; {M}

BARLEY, Helen Julia [P4043]; {F}; 1959-2000; West Bromwich

BARNARD, Lettice [P1852]; {F}

BARNETT, Edward [P2953]; {M}; 1790-1864; about
BARNETT, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2104]; {F}; 1780-1780; Dowles and Ribbesford 28 Feb 1779
BARNETT, Mary (ALCHURCH, Mary) [P2342]; {F}; 1793-1874; Ribbesford

BARR, Robin [P1706]; {M}

BARTLAM, Mary Phyllis [P1192]; {F}; 1908-1979; Birmingham 32 1562 Mar 1979

BATCH, Emma [P1946]; {F}

BATHAM, Joseph [P1609]; {M}
BATHAM, Mary Ann Catherine [P4557]; {F}; 1867-; Brierly Hill about

BATTCHER, (SNOAD, Dorothy June) [P3598]; {F}
BATTCHER, (HENDERSON, Mola) [P3600]; {F}
BATTCHER, Constance Lilian Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Constance Lilian Elizabeth) [P3595]; {F}; 1895-1977; Evesham
BATTCHER, Denis Alan [P3599]; {M}; 1926-
BATTCHER, Margaret Ann [P3601]; {F}; 1934-
BATTCHER, Ronald [P3597]; {M}; 1920-1982
BATTCHER, William Henry [P3596]; {M}

BATTLEY, John Rose [P4828]; {M}; 1880-1952

BAY, Ann [P2486]; {F}

BAYLISS, (BRADSHAW, Sarah) [P4683]; {F}; 1773-1850
BAYLISS, Benjamin [P3618]; {M}
BAYLISS, Benjamin [P3623]; {M}; 1772-1839
BAYLISS, Caleb [P4729]; {M}
BAYLISS, Charles William [P4597]; {M}; 1851-1923
BAYLISS, Ellen [P2186]; {F}; 1850-; about
BAYLISS, Hilda Louis [P3617]; {F}; 1920-1958; about
BAYLISS, Isaac [P3624]; {M}; 1811-1866
BAYLISS, Louisa [P4730]; {F}
BAYLISS, Martha [P748]; {F}; 1810-; North Littleton

BEAMAN, Winifred [P2438]; {F}; 1807-1859; about

BEAMISTER, Ethel [P1064]; {F}

BEARD, Henry [P3437]; {M}
BEARD, Miram [P2957]; {F}; 1858-; Cookley about

BEASLEY, Elizabeth [P4747]; {M}
BEASLEY, Harriet Matilda (HALLCHURCH, Harriet Matilda) [P4725]; {F}; 1889-; Sheffield
BEASLEY, Samuel [P4746]; {M}

BECK, [P2666]; {M}

BECKLEY, Joseph [P310]; {M}; c 1740
BECKLEY, Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P309]; {F}; 1745-; Kingswinford

BEDDALL, Margaret (ALLCHURCH, Margaret) [P256]; {F}; 1793-1796; Brierly Hill
BEDDALL, Mary [P1112]; {M}
BEDDALL, Richard [P1111]; {M}

BEDDARD, Sarah (HALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P804]; {F}; 1818-; Brierly Hill
BEDDARD, William [P1737]; {M}

BEDDOES, Thomas [P3393]; {M}

BELCHER, Sarah Ann [P2231]; {F}; abt 1858

BELLINGHAM, Ellen (ALLCHURCH, Ellen) [P3390]; {F}; 1846-; Derby End, Netherton,
BELLINGHAM, James [P3448]; {M}

BENN, Bruce Harold [P2994]; {M}

BENNETT, Emily [P3929]; {F}
BENNETT, Jacqueline Beryl (ALLCHURCH, Jacqueline Beryl) [P4186]; {F}; 1926-; Greenwich
BENNETT, Jane [P1450]; {F}
BENNETT, Leslie [P4187]; {M}
BENNETT, Russell [P3930]; {M}
BENNETT, Trevor [P3928]; {M}
BENNETT, Violet [P4354]; {F}
BENNETT, Wendy Vera (ALLCHURCH, Wendy Vera) [P3927]; {F}; 1955-; Pontypool

BENSON, [P1069]; {M}
BENSON, Anthony [P1071]; {M}; living USA
BENSON, Christoper [P1070]; {M}; living USA

BENTON, (SHAW, Ada) [P4787]; {F}
BENTON, Amelia [P4786]; {F}; 1885-; Cottage St, Brierly Hill
BENTON, Elizabeth [P4785]; {F}; 1882-; Cottage St, Brierly Hill
BENTON, Emily (HALLCHURCH, Emily) [P1107]; {F}; 1858-; Cottage Street, Brierly Hill
BENTON, Emily [P4781]; {F}; 1858-1926; Cottage St, Brierly Hill
BENTON, Isaiah [P4784]; {M}; 1880-; Cottage St, Brierly Hill
BENTON, Isaiah [P3500]; {M}; 1881-; Stourbridge - about
BENTON, John [P3499]; {M}
BENTON, William [P4783]; {M}
BENTON, William [P4780]; {M}; 1856-; Brockmoor Bridge, Kingswinford

BERNARD, Martha [P1843]; {F}

BERNSEN, Maria Gesina [P4479]; {F}

BERREY, Mabel [P2083]; {F}

BERROW, Karen May [P4517]; {F}
BERROW, Simon Brian [P4518]; {M}
BERROW, Steven [P4516]; {M}

BEST, Deborah [P4659]; {F}
BEST, Frank Everard [P4658]; {M}
BEST, Michele [P4660]; {F}
BEST, Warren [P4661]; {M}

BIANCHI, Ariane Danielle [P4624]; {F}; 1972-

BILLINGHAM, Edmund [P963]; {M}; c 1710
BILLINGHAM, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P470]; {F}; 1710-; Dudley St Thomas

BILLS, S [P4204]; {M}

BINGHAM, William [P3011]; {M}

BIRKBY, Andrew [P4178]; {M}
BIRKBY, Christopher [P4177]; {M}
BIRKBY, David [P4176]; {M}
BIRKBY, James [P4179]; {M}
BIRKBY, Jill Diane (ALLCHURCH, Jill Diane) [P4172]; {F}; 1958-; Nottingham

BLACKMORE, Susan Elizabeth Family1 Family2 [P3740]; {F}; 1865-; Exeter - about

BLOXHAM, Benjamin John [P4773]; {M}; 1854-
BLOXHAM, Elizabeth Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth Sarah) [P4772]; {F}; 1854-1937; 14 Serles Place, St Clement Danes, Strand

BONDELEY, Joan [P314]; {F}; c 1712

BOOTH, Jayne [P4545]; {F}

BOOTHBY, Joanne [P4464]; {F}

BOSWORTH, Ann (HALLCHURCH, Ann) [P11]; {F}; 1851-; Brierly Hill Kingswinford
BOSWORTH, Martha [P1215]; {F}
BOSWORTH, Walter [P1214]; {M}; 1856-

BOURNER, Ann [P2496]; {F}; -1673; Kingswinford

BOVILL, Jean [P4150]; {F}

BOWEN, Sarah Ann (ALLCHURCH, Sarah Ann) [P1750]; {F}; 1849-; Dudley
BOWEN, Thomas [P2658]; {M}; by 1909

BOWERS, Charles [P4788]; {M}

BOWLER, [P3105]; {M}

BOWRING, [P4294]; {F}

BOYD, Heather L [P4704]; {F}; 1941-
BOYD, Robert I W [P4705]; {M}; 1945-
BOYD, Robert J [P4703]; {M}

BRADBURY, Donald [P4761]; {M}
BRADBURY, Elaine (TAYLOR, Elaine) [P2368]; {F}; 1937-; Grimethorpe, Yorks
BRADBURY, Gavin Paul [P4763]; {M}
BRADBURY, Gillian Elaine [P4762]; {F}; 1962-; Woodlesford, Leeds, Yorks
BRADBURY, Lisa Jane [P4764]; {F}

BRADLEY, Jane [P3567]; {F}
BRADLEY, John [P3664]; {M}
BRADLEY, Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P3565]; {F}; 1650-; Old Swinford ? - about

BRADNEY, Mary [P3279]; {F}

BRADSHAW, [P4331]; {M}
BRADSHAW, Doris [P3006]; {F}
BRADSHAW, Lily (HALLCHURCH, Lily) [P1131]; {F}; 1889-; 293 Willenhall Rd Wolverhampton
BRADSHAW, Sarah [P4683]; {F}; 1773-1850
BRADSHAW, Thomas [P2025]; {M}
BRADSHAW, Thomas [P3891]; {M}

BRAIDLEY, John [P1459]; {M}
BRAIDLEY, Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P1448]; {F}; 1667-; Old Swinford

BREAKWELL, Edith [P3964]; {F}; Wakefield

BRENNAN NEE WILSON, Susan Kathryn Mather [P436]; {F}

BRENT, Lilian Ruth [P1988]; {F}

BRETTELL, Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P1325]; {F}; 1696-; Rowley Regis
BRETTELL, William [P1333]; {M}; 1725-; Rowley Regis

BRIDER, Annie [P3700]; {F}; 1857-; about

BROMFIELD, [P4682]; {M}
BROMFIELD, John [P2452]; {M}

BROMSGROVE, Alice (ALCHURCH, Alice) [P1307]; {F}; Rowley Regis ?
BROMSGROVE, Richard [P1308]; {M}

BROOKES, Elizabeth [P1206]; {F}; -1861; Lye age 59
BROOKES, John [P4732]; {M}; Bretforton

BROOKLING, Alan [P4322]; {M}
BROOKLING, Matthew [P4323]; {M}; 1995-; Woodley

BROOKS, Hannah (HALLCHURCH, Hannah) [P1637]; {F}; c 1840
BROOKS, Noah [P4532]; {M}
BROOKS, Priscilla [P735]; {F}; 1779-1862; Lye, Worcs
BROOKS, William [P1638]; {M}

BROWN, [P4336]; {M}
BROWN, Amelia (HALLCHURCH, Amelia) [P763]; {F}; 1865-; Brierly Hill Stourbridge Vol 6c page 240 Mar 1865
BROWN, Amelia (ALLCHURCH, Amelia) [P1625]; {F}; 1865-; Brierly Hill
BROWN, Arthur [P3852]; {M}
BROWN, Arthur [P1626]; {M}; 1853-
BROWN, Caroline [P1541]; {F}
BROWN, Paul [P3607]; {M}
BROWN, Thomas [P1627]; {M}; died in childhood

BROWNE, Arthur [P2412]; {M}

BROWNE NEE LEVITT, Sarah [P3747]; {F}

BRUNSKILL, Joan (ALLCHURCH, Joan) [P3973]; {F}; 1939-; Lower Agbrigg
BRUNSKILL, Julie [P3976]; {F}
BRUNSKILL, Karen [P3975]; {F}
BRUNSKILL, William [P3974]; {M}
BRUNSKILL, daughter [P3977]; {F}

BRYERS, Alec [P1528]; {M}; 1919-
BRYERS, Carol [P1557]; {F}
BRYERS, Shirley [P1556]; {F}

BUNN, Hilda [P4214]; {F}

BURDEN, [P1429]; {M}
BURDEN, Ann (ALCHURCH, Ann) [P1370]; {F}; 1609-; Birmingham
BURDEN, Elizabeth [P1430]; {F}; Walsall
BURDEN, John [P1414]; {M}
BURDEN, Sara [P1431]; {F}

BURLISON, George [P4471]; {M}
BURLISON, Maureen (ALLCHURCH, Maureen) [P4010]; {F}; 1937-; Durham

BURT, Annie (ALLCHURCH, Annie) [P3139]; {F}; 1879-; Church Lench about
BURT, Phoebe [P2769]; {F}; 1817-1907; Bath, Somerset - about
BURT, William [P3140]; {M}

BURTON, Susan [P4756]; {F}

BUTLER, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2220]; {F}; 1826-; Bretforton
BUTLER, Samuel [P2226]; {M}

BYFIELD, [P4235]; {F}
BYFIELD, [P4382]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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