Surnames beginning with C

CALDICOT, Sarah Ellen [P2296]; {F}; 1866-1941; Honeybourne

CAPPENDELL, David [P4190]; {M}

CARLING, Christine [P4009]; {F}

CARTER, Annis [P2949]; {F}; 1891-1979; Bretforton - about
CARTER, Emily S [P3347]; {F}; 1897-1988; Lambeth
CARTER, Ivy Victoria [P4615]; {F}

CARTRIGHT, Anne [P781]; {F}; 1793-1864; based on aged 71 at death.

CARTWRIGHT, Elizabeth [P3475]; {F}
CARTWRIGHT, Margaret [P2849]; {F}; -1678; Kingswinford

CASTREE, Amy [P3981]; {F}; 1884-1939; Wooolaston, Stourbrige

CHADWICK, Susan Ann [P3847]; {F}

CHAMBERLAIN, Leslie John [P3642]; {M}; 1930-; Bretforton
CHAMBERLAIN, Margaret (ALLCHURCH, Margaret) [P3641]; {F}; 1930-; Bretforton

CHANDLER, Gloria Ethel [P4663]; {F}; -1989
CHANDLER, Sara [P2277]; {F}; -1636; Bromsgrove

CHAPMAN, Eva [P3996]; {F}
CHAPMAN, George [P3941]; {M}
CHAPMAN, George [P3997]; {M}
CHAPMAN, Katie Alice [P4618]; {F}; 1906-1988; Adelaide

CHARLES, Vera [P3147]; {F}; 1923-2000; Pockington

CHARLTON, (WOOD, Dorothy Blanche (Theo)) [P4792]; {F}; 1915-1991; Blandford Dorset
CHARLTON, Heather Joan [P31]; {F}; 1948-; Newcastle upon Tyne
CHARLTON, Robert George [P4791]; {M}

CLARK, Jann Lorraine [P2424]; {F}

CLARKE, Haley Marie Christine [P4164]; {F}
CLARKE, Martha [P1652]; {F}

CLEGG, Fiona [P4818]; {F}

CLIFFORD, Harriott Annie [P2047]; {F}; 1865-1940; Adelaide SA

CLIFT, May R G [P4617]; {F}

CLOSE, Emily [P1218]; {F}

CLOUDER, Caleb [P3287]; {M}
CLOUDER, Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P3286]; {F}; 1675-; London - about

COBBITT, Mary [P1335]; {F}

COLDRICK, Sarah [P2479]; {F}

COLE, Isabel [P545]; {F}

COLEBOURNE, William [P2853]; {M}

COLEY, John [P3539]; {M}

COMPSON, John [P286]; {M}
COMPSON, Lydia (ALLCHURCH, Lydia) [P285]; {F}; 1705-; Kingswinford

COMPTON, Deborah Jayne (ALLCHURCH, Deborah Jayne) [P3960]; {F}; 1959-; Lower Agbrigg
COMPTON, Paul [P3962]; {M}

CONAWAY, Mary [P1841]; {F}

COOK, Georgina Elizabeth [P4207]; {F}; 1969-
COOK, Peter E M [P4206]; {M}
COOK, Richard George Barnaby [P4208]; {M}; 1973-

COOKE, Benjamin [P2474]; {M}; 1806-; on the high seas

COOPER, Kenneth [P1002]; {M}
COOPER, Majorie Pretoria Mary [P1046]; {F}; 1900-1978; Wolverhampton 34 0691 Jun 1978
COOPER, Mark [P1024]; {M}

COPE, Mary Ann (HALLCHURCH, Mary Ann) [P1640]; {F}; 1854-; Cottage Street, Brierly Hill
COPE, William [P1641]; {M}; 1854-; about

COPELAND, Gillian [P1050]; {F}
COPELAND, Mary [P1049]; {F}
COPELAND, Milner [P1048]; {M}

COTTERILL, Joseph [P3116]; {M}; Birmingham
COTTERILL, Joseph [P3119]; {M}

COUNSSINS, Peter [P4821]; {M}

COX, Caroline [P3925]; {F}
COX, Eliza [P3699]; {F}; 1848-; Bristol, about
COX, Geoffrey [P3924]; {M}
COX, Jonathan [P3926]; {M}

CRAWSHAW, Kathleen [P4020]; {F}; 1913-; Brierley Hill, 138 High Street, Woodside.

CROSS, Ashley John [P4632]; {M}; 1991-; Nambour
CROSS, Hayley Anne [P4630]; {F}; 1982-; Naracoorte
CROSS, Joseph [P3254]; {M}
CROSS, Matthew Collin [P4631]; {M}; 1987-; Naracoorte
CROSS, Robert Anthony [P4629]; {M}; 1958-; Brecknock UK

CROUCH, Christopher James [P4392]; {M}
CROUCH, Louise & Stewart [P4393]; {M}
CROUCH, Trevor [P4391]; {M}

CROWE, Helen [P3710]; {F}; 1915-; Chistleworth

CROWTHER, Elizabeth Betty [P1631]; {F}; 1852-; Northgate, Wakefield

CUMMINGS, [P4310]; {F}
CUMMINGS, Denise [P4015]; {F}
CUMMINGS, Fay [P4013]; {F}
CUMMINGS, Kay [P4016]; {M}
CUMMINGS, Lesley [P4017]; {M}
CUMMINGS, Norman [P4012]; {M}
CUMMINGS, Norman [P4014]; {M}

CUSINATO, Manuella [P1993]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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