Surnames beginning with D

DALE, Irene Gladys Isobel [P4184]; {F}

DANIEL, Elizabeth Ann (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth Ann) [P1881]; {F}; 1814-; Deptford
DANIEL, John [P1990]; {M}; 1815-; abt

DANIELS, [P4233]; {F}
DANIELS, Maureen Elizabeth [P4477]; {F}

DAVIE, Carole [P4082]; {F}

DAVIES, Alun [P4063]; {M}
DAVIES, Edward John [P4065]; {M}
DAVIES, Evelyn Rita [P1154]; {F}; -1929; c 1908
DAVIES, Ken [P2090]; {M}
DAVIES, Simon James [P4064]; {M}

DAVIS, Elizabeth [P4572]; {F}
DAVIS, Mary [P2355]; {F}; 1785-1862; Ribbesford - about
DAVIS, Norman [P1137]; {M}

DAVIS (ON)?, Annie [P4281]; {F}; 1880-; Lye, about
DAVIS (ON)?, Edmund [P4279]; {M}
DAVIS (ON)?, Ellen [P4280]; {F}; 1878-; Lye
DAVIS (ON)?, Hannah (ALLCHURCH, Hannah) [P4278]; {F}; 1860-; Hagley, about

DAWES, Jean [P3351]; {F}

DAWSON, James V [P4696]; {M}

DE ALVECHURCHE, Nicholas Family1 Family2 [P3235]; {M}; 1300-; Halesowen
DE ALVECHURCHE, Richard Family1 [P3237]; {M}; 1310-; Halesowen - about
DE ALVECHURCHE, William Family1 [P3236]; {M}; 1425-; Halesowen - about

DEAKER, James Alexander [P2395]; {M}; 1972-; Aukland
DEAKER, John McLean [P2397]; {M}; 1977-; Takapuna
DEAKER, Kate Elizabeth [P2396]; {F}; 1974-; Aukland
DEAKER, Murray [P2394]; {M}; 1945-; Dunedin

DEEBANK, [P3799]; {F}

DEELEY, George Henry [P2429]; {M}; 1818-; Brierly Hill
DEELEY, Thomas [P672]; {M}; c 1795
DEELEY, Thomas William [P2428]; {M}; 1822-; St Thomas Dudley

DERRICOTE, Alice [P4188]; {F}; aged 73 -70, Adelaide St, Brierly Hill

DIKE, Hannah [P305]; {F}; -1730; c 1670

DILWORTH, Sarah [P3581]; {F}

DIMMOCK, [P4128]; {M}
DIMMOCK, Florence (Florrie) Gertrude (ALLCHURCH, Florence (Florrie) Gertrude) [P1804]; {F}; 1902-; Stourbridge

DONALD, Bradbury [P2087]; {M}

DONEY, Ann (ALLCHURCH, Ann) [P1816]; {F}; 1615-; London - about
DONEY, Edward [P1815]; {M}

DOWNING, Josiah [P1322]; {M}
DOWNING, William [P3548]; {M}

DRAPER, Elizabeth [P2061]; {F}

DRAPER-ALLCHURCH, John [P2935]; {M}; 1841-; Ribbesford

DREWRYE, Jane [P1404]; {F}

DRURY, Edward [P4684]; {M}; 1849-

DUDLEY, Frank [P1193]; {M}; 1894-; about (age 35 at wedding)
DUDLEY, Hilda Ellen (HALLCHURCH, Hilda Ellen) [P999]; {F}; 1903-

DUNCAN, James [P2993]; {M}

DUNNE, Joyce [P414]; {F}; 1580-; about

DYER, Sarah [P2169]; {F}; 1820-1910; Grafton - about

DYSON, Elsie [P3950]; {F}; 1909-
DYSON, Harriet [P3652]; {F}; 1871-1953; Stourbridge

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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