Surnames beginning with E

EDWARDS, Amanda [P4107]; {F}
EDWARDS, Dinah [P2095]; {F}

ELLCOCK, Esther [P3489]; {F}; 1850-; about

ELLIOTT, Esther [P1853]; {F}; 1695-; About

ELLIS, Miriam [P4090]; {F}

ELSNER, Andreas [P4498]; {M}
ELSNER, Justin [P4500]; {M}; 1998-; Nordhorn
ELSNER, Madeline [P4499]; {F}; 1994-; Nordholm
ELSNER, Monique Bernadette (ALLCHURCH, Monique Bernadette) [P4497]; {F}; 1969-; Durham

ELWELL, 2daughters & 3 sons survived [P4302]; {M}
ELWELL, Lilian [P4301]; {F}
ELWELL, Robert [P4300]; {M}

ETHEL ELAINE, [P4803]; {F}

EVANS, Edward [P325]; {M}; c 1715
EVANS, Henry [P2660]; {M}; 1829-; abt (age 23 in 1852)
EVANS, Mary (ALCHURCH, Mary) [P326]; {F}; 1719-; Kingswinford - about
EVANS, Percy Harold [P2046]; {M}

EVERETT, Catherine [P4321]; {F}

EWING, Julie [P4173]; {F}

EXON, Richard [P3318]; {M}

EYLES, John [P319]; {M}; c 1712
EYLES, Sarah (ALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P320]; {F}; 1712-; Kingswinford - about

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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