Surnames beginning with G

GABB, Alice [P3670]; {F}

GANT, Emma [P2630]; {F}

GARDNER, Louisa [P4554]; {F}; 1862-; Oxford about

GEESON, Melissa [P3864]; {F}; 1864-1914; Kensington? about

GEISEN, Melissa [P2532]; {F}; -1914; 16 Pleasant Place, Halton Road, Islington, Middlesex

GEORGE, Beatrice Jessie [P185]; {F}; -1958; c 1873
GEORGE, Gertrude [P1529]; {F}

GIBBS, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2146]; {F}; 1800-; South Littleton
GIBBS, Sarah [P1849]; {F}
GIBBS, William [P2248]; {M}

GIBSON, Samuel Bennett [P1679]; {M}; 1868-

GIDDINS, William [P3268]; {M}

GILBERT, Louise [P1135]; {F}

GILBERT?, [P4445]; {M}

GILES, Sarah [P3277]; {F}

GILL, Ann (ALCHURCH, Ann) [P1313]; {F}; 1679-; Rowley Regis
GILL, David [P4157]; {M}
GILL, Helen [P4158]; {F}; 1987-; Stourbridge
GILL, John [P3552]; {M}
GILL, Michael [P4159]; {M}; 1992-; Stourbridge

GILLAM, Abram [P3515]; {M}; 1871-; about
GILLAM, John [P3513]; {M}
GILLAM, Mary Ann [P3514]; {M}; 1865-; about
GILLAM, Sarah [P3516]; {F}; 1871-; about

GILLIAN MARY, BARRIE [P4801]; {F}; 1973-; Aberdeen

GILLMOR, Margaret [P333]; {F}; -1684; Old Swinford

GITTOS, Isobel [P2739]; {F}

GLEAVE, Emily (BENTON, Emily) [P4781]; {F}; 1858-1926; Cottage St, Brierly Hill
GLEAVE, William Wright [P4789]; {M}; 1856-1911; about

GLENDENNING, Rose-Mary [P3728]; {F}

GOLDINGAY, Albert [P4413]; {M}
GOLDINGAY, Albert [P4414]; {M}; Aston
GOLDINGAY, Olive (ALLCHURCH, Olive) [P4384]; {F}; 1919-; Aston

GOLDSBOROUGH, (PECKITT, David) [P4102]; {F}; aged 34
GOLDSBOROUGH, Abigail [P4700]; {F}; 1978-
GOLDSBOROUGH, Dilys [P3860]; {M}; 1947-
GOLDSBOROUGH, Frederick [P3859]; {M}; 1910-
GOLDSBOROUGH, Nicholas J [P4699]; {M}; 1976-
GOLDSBOROUGH, Sarah [P4701]; {F}; 1981-
GOLDSBOROUGH, Violet Priscilla (ALLCHURCH, Violet Priscilla) [P3808]; {F}; 1913-; Sheffield

GOODMAN, William [P3321]; {M}

GOODWIN, Irene A [P4415]; {F}

GORDON, Myra [P3309]; {F}

GOUGH, Frances Ann [P4394]; {F}; 1943-; Whitley bay

GOULD, Betty [P2503]; {F}
GOULD, Mark [P4731]; {M}

GRANGER, Anne (ALLCHURCH, Anne) [P388]; {F}; 1729-; Old Swinford
GRANGER, Daniel [P389]; {M}; Tipton

GRANT, Jessie [P4794]; {F}; 1886-1959; Newcastle upon Tyne

GRAY, Anne [P658]; {F}; 1784-; Bidford
GRAY, Lucy Jane [P2034]; {F}; 1867-1948; Gawler S Aust
GRAY, Margaret [P3094]; {F}

GRAZIER, Dorothy (ALLCHURCH, Dorothy) [P2552]; {F}; 1923-; Stourbridge
GRAZIER, John (Jack) [P4541]; {M}

GREEN, Clementina Florence [P3117]; {F}; 1858-1928; Melbourne Australia
GREEN, Cyril [P4169]; {M}
GREEN, Diana (HALLCHURCH-GREEN, Diana) [P891]; {F}; 1940-; Birmingham
GREEN, Edith (ALLCHURCH, Edith) [P2091]; {F}; 1920-; Nottingham
GREEN, Edna [P3855]; {F}; 1918-
GREEN, Graham Martin [P893]; {M}

GREENWAY, Daniel [P2205]; {M}
GREENWAY, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2197]; {F}; 1835-; Badsey

GREGORY, Daniel [P4634]; {M}; 1958-
GREGORY, Dianne Faye (ALLCHURCH, Dianne Faye) [P4633]; {F}; 1983-; Adelaide
GREGORY, Grace [P595]; {F}; -1622; Old Swinford
GREGORY, Margery [P564]; {F}
GREGORY, Michael James [P4636]; {M}; 1993-; Boolaroo Centre
GREGORY, Michelle Louise [P4635]; {F}; 1991-; Loxton

GRIFFITHS, William [P3269]; {M}

GROVE, Alice (ALCHURCH, Alice) [P2745]; {F}; 1521-; Kingswinford ? - about
GROVE, Alice (ALCHURCHE, Alice) [P2646]; {F}; 1540-; Rowley Regis ? - about
GROVE, Richard [P2647]; {M}
GROVE, Richard [P2747]; {M}

GROVES, Gladys Irene [P3098]; {F}; 1919-

GWYER, Grace Margaret [P3107]; {F}; 1909-

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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