Surnames beginning with J

JACKSON, Dean [P4514]; {M}
JACKSON, Glynis Maureen [P3071]; {F}; 1975-
JACKSON, Gordon Keith [P3069]; {M}
JACKSON, Kate [P4602]; {F}; lived to over 90
JACKSON, Kristy Joanne [P3072]; {F}; 1976-
JACKSON, Marilyn Gail [P3070]; {F}; 1973-
JACKSON, Stacey [P4515]; {M}
JACKSON, William (Bill) [P4513]; {M}

JAGGER, Gillian Mary "Cherry" [P432]; {F}

JAMES, Elizabeth Ann BA Oxon [P3198]; {F}

JARROTT, Emma (ALLCHURCH, Emma) [P2837]; {F}; 1860-; Deptford? - about
JARROTT, James John [P2836]; {M}

JEFFERYES, Margaret [P1368]; {F}

JELFF, Muriel [P4438]; {F}; 1921-; Bretforton

JENKINS, Maureen [P3358]; {F}
JENKINS, Sarah [P3177]; {F}; 1840-
JENKINS, William Penn [P1639]; {M}

JENKINSON, Maureen [P4417]; {F}

JOANS, John [P1494]; {M}
JOANS, John [P1601]; {M}
JOANS, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P471]; {F}; 1692-; Old Swinford
JOANS, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P1466]; {F}; 1692-; Old Swinford

JOHNSON, [P4074]; {M}
JOHNSON, [P4451]; {M}
JOHNSON, Jeris N Family1 Family2 [P4692]; {F}
JOHNSON, Mary [P536]; {F}; -1699; Rowley Regis
JOHNSON, Robin [P4452]; {M}
JOHNSON, Rose (ALLCHURCH, Rose) [P4450]; {F}

JOHNSTON, Karen [P4523]; {F}

JONES, Ann [P1568]; {F}; 1826-; Oldswinford - about
JONES, Anne Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Anne Elizabeth) [P4171]; {F}; 1957-; Nottingham
JONES, Arianwen Linda [P4252]; {F}
JONES, Catherine [P1758]; {F}; -1792; Llangwm
JONES, Clive [P4180]; {M}
JONES, Dee [P54]; {F}
JONES, Denis [P4368]; {M}
JONES, Eleanor [P2176]; {F}; 1840-1904; about
JONES, Eleanor (Anna) [P3756]; {F}; 1840-1907
JONES, Elizabeth [P2079]; {F}; -1735; Dowles
JONES, Emily [P4182]; {F}
JONES, Jane [P1197]; {F}; 1901-1971; Philidephia USA ?
JONES, Joyce [P4250]; {F}
JONES, Katie [P4181]; {F}
JONES, Loraine [P3340]; {F}
JONES, Sarah [P4138]; {F}
JONES, Sarah Jane [P3052]; {F}

JONES NEE HUNT, Mary [P2237]; {F}

JORDAN, Benjamin [P2539]; {M}

JORDANSON, John Ralph [P1985]; {M}
JORDANSON, Mary Ann [P1907]; {F}; 1823-; 16 St Martin's Lane

JOYCE, Pricilla [P1968]; {F}; 1842-1918; Gt Gidders, Huntingdonshire - about

JUKES, Arthur "Chinny" [P876]; {M}; 1866-1951
JUKES, Christine [P1068]; {F}; -1995; France
JUKES, Edgar [P1056]; {M}
JUKES, Emma (HALLCHURCH, Emma) [P17]; {F}; 1862-; Brierly Hill
JUKES, Kathleen (Cathy) [P878]; {F}; Cannock
JUKES, Marjorie [P879]; {F}; Cannock
JUKES, Sylvia [P1065]; {F}
JUKES, Winifred (Winnie) [P877]; {F}; Cannock
JUKES, male [P1057]; {M}; died of diptheria

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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