Surnames beginning with L

LACEY, Lilian [P4603]; {F}; 1874-1941; about

LAGO, Hugh [P629]; {M}; c 1580

LAMPITT, Marlene Elizabeth [P4441]; {F}

LAVENDER, [P4223]; {F}

LAYCOCK, Joseph [P4558]; {M}; 1867-; Lancashire about
LAYCOCK, Mary Winefred (ALLCHURCH, Mary Winefred) [P3488]; {F}; 1865-; Wolverhampton

LAYTON, Russell [P2887]; {M}

LEACH, Emily [P4407]; {F}; 1834-; Hereford about
LEACH, Sarah Ann [P4776]; {F}

LEBURNE, Roger [P1348]; {M}

LEE, Margaret (Annie) [P3935]; {F}

LEES, Christina [P2400]; {F}
LEES, Keith [P2398]; {M}; 1847-
LEES, Kirdan [P2399]; {M}

LEWIS, Beverley Ann (ALLCHURCH, Beverley Ann) [P4333]; {F}; 1952-; Sidcup
LEWIS, Margaret (ALLCHURCH, Margaret) [P3289]; {F}; 1860-; Stourbidge ? - about
LEWIS, Richard [P4334]; {M}
LEWIS, Thomas Fairclough [P3290]; {M}

LIEBICH, Darcie Rae [P4650]; {M}; 1995-; Adelaide
LIEBICH, Michael John [P4648]; {M}; 1961-; Adelaide
LIEBICH, Paige Georgina [P4649]; {F}; 1993-; Adelaide
LIEBICH, Piper Edwina [P4651]; {F}; 1998-; Adelaide

LIGHTFOOT-WALKER, Margaret Ashleigh Brooke [P4641]; {F}; 1943-; Balaklava

LITCHFIELD, Mary Ann [P1655]; {F}

LLOYD, John [P1765]; {M}; -1806
LLOYD, Mary [P1764]; {F}; 1771-

LOCKWOOD, Mary [P1834]; {F}

LONGDEN, Joan Margaret [P3845]; {F}

LONGSON, Gillian [P1559]; {F}
LONGSON, Jennifer [P1060]; {F}; 1931-
LONGSON, John Bryan [P1063]; {M}; 1930-
LONGSON, John William [P1059]; {M}; 1887-1971
LONGSON, boy [P1560]; {M}; died aged 2/3 (Spastic)

LOWE, Eleanor [P10]; {F}; 1830-; Aston ?
LOWE, William [P202]; {M}; b c 1805 Duddeston

LUMSDEN, [P2997]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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