Surnames beginning with M

MABURY, Sarah [P778]; {F}; -1868; abt 1798

MACDONAGH, Mary Bernadette [P4046]; {F}; 1962-; Birmingham

MAGUIRE, Deborah Jayne (ALLCHURCH, Deborah Jayne) [P3960]; {F}; 1959-; Lower Agbrigg
MAGUIRE, Joseph [P3961]; {M}
MAGUIRE, Melanie Jayne [P4328]; {F}; 1985-
MAGUIRE, Vickie Joanne [P4327]; {F}; 1981-

MALE, [P4339]; {F}
MALE, [P4341]; {F}
MALE, Sarah [P465]; {F}; 1845-; Brockmoor

MARCH, Adelaide Sophia [P4711]; {F}

MARCHANT, Jeffrey William [P4765]; {M}

MARKS, Rhonda Helen [P4671]; {F}; 1939-; Adelaide

MARSDEN, Edwin Lashford Allchurch [P3380]; {M}; 1859-; Lye - about
MARSDEN, George [P3379]; {M}; 1827-; Whitchurch Pembroke, S Wales - about
MARSDEN, Mona or Maria (ALLCHURCH, Mona or Maria) [P1691]; {F}; 1837-; Heath
MARSDEN, Sheila [P4421]; {F}

MARSHALL, Mary Jane [P4604]; {F}

MARTIN, Patricia Ann [P4389]; {F}

MARTIN NEE HART, Fanny [P1187]; {F}; 1876-; Brierly Hill 31 Moor Lane before marriage


MASON, Isaiah [P1537]; {M}; c 1883 Brierly Hill
MASON, James [P119]; {M}; c 1835
MASON, Jane [P1702]; {F}; 1871-; Wigan
MASON, John [P1767]; {M}; 1835-; Dalton Lancs
MASON, Letitia [P1939]; {F}; St Nicholas Deptford
MASON, Richard [P1768]; {M}
MASON, Sarah (HALLCHURCH, Sarah) [P101]; {F}; 1842-; Brierly Hill
MASON, William [P1536]; {M}; c 1890 Brierly Hill
MASON, William [P1773]; {M}
MASON, William A [P1535]; {M}

MATHER, Ann [P1461]; {F}

MAYHEW, Henry George [P4721]; {M}; 1854-; about
MAYHEW, John Henry [P4750]; {M}; 1882-; Notting Hill

MCANENY, [P1687]; {M}; Chattanooga, USA ?
MCANENY, Kitty [P1801]; {F}; -1941
MCANENY, Minnie H [P1800]; {F}

MCCAULEY, Erin L (ALLCHURCH, Erin Leslie F) [P4614]; {F}
MCCAULEY, Patrick J [P4675]; {M}

MCEACHRAN, Joanna [P4097]; {F}; Glasgow

MCLEAN, Alexander Charles [P2379]; {M}; 1898-1967; Napier NZ
MCLEAN, Alistair Edward [P2383]; {M}; 1948-; Wanganui
MCLEAN, Deborah Catherine [P2403]; {F}; 1975-; Adelaide S Australia
MCLEAN, Diana Marion [P2381]; {F}; 1943-1988; Wanganui
MCLEAN, John Charles [P2380]; {M}; 1941-; Wanganui
MCLEAN, Margaret Mary [P2382]; {F}; 1947-; Wanganui
MCLEAN, Mark John [P2393]; {M}; 1973-; Dunedin
MCLEAN, Michelle Ann [P2402]; {F}; 1973-; Dampier W Australia
MCLEAN, Philippa Jane [P2392]; {F}; 1971-; Dundein
MCLEAN, Vicki Anne [P2391]; {F}; 1969-; Dunedin

MEAD, Estyn Monfore [P2575]; {M}
MEAD, Estyn Raymond (Ray) [P2577]; {M}; 1951-; Bellingham WA USA
MEAD, Margaret Jean [P2578]; {F}; 1956-; Bellingham USA

MEANLEY, Marjorie [P1236]; {F}

MEESE, Margaret (HALLCHURCH, Margaret) [P790]; {F}; 1816-; Brierly Hill
MEESE, Mary Ann [P1696]; {F}; 1852-1904; Kingswinford- about
MEESE, Thomas [P1736]; {M}

MELLINGS, David [P1177]; {M}; died in infancy
MELLINGS, Edward "Ted" [P886]; {M}
MELLINGS, Edward Anthony John [P887]; {M}
MELLINGS, Rosalind [P888]; {F}

MERCER, Suzanne [P1732]; {F}

MERCHANT, Samuel [P3270]; {M}

MEREDITH, Glen [P4359]; {M}
MEREDITH, Greg Ashley [P4365]; {M}
MEREDITH, Tracey Ann (ALLCHURCH, Tracey Ann) [P4358]; {F}; 1965-; Oldbury

MERRY, Beatrice Charlotte Merry [P2074]; {F}; 1885-

MICHALANNEY, Magdalene Ada [P2995]; {F}

MIDDLETON, Elsie [P4742]; {F}
MIDDLETON, Florence [P4739]; {F}
MIDDLETON, Florence (HALLCHURCH, Florence) [P1168]; {F}; 1892-1960; 100 Dykes Hall Road, Hillsbro, Ecclesfield, W Yorks
MIDDLETON, Leah [P4740]; {F}
MIDDLETON, Margaret [P4726]; {F}
MIDDLETON, Percy [P4589]; {M}
MIDDLETON, Percy [P4741]; {M}

MILES, Eliza [P3824]; {F}; -1940; Newcastle under Lyne

MILLAR, [P880]; {M}
MILLAR, Donald [P882]; {M}
MILLAR, Ian [P881]; {M}

MILLER, (, Molly) [P4376]; {F}
MILLER, Keith [P4377]; {M}
MILLER, Mary Ann [P1061]; {F}
MILLER, May [P3791]; {F}
MILLER, William [P4244]; {M}

MILLWARD, Edith [P4710]; {F}; 1907-1981; 46 Forster St.Middleport, Burslem

MOBLEY, Mary [P1610]; {F}; -1813

MOFFAT-LYNCH, Margaret [P4687]; {F}; 1906-

MOORE, Horace Eden [P3622]; {M}; 1901-

MORALEE?, [P4522]; {F}

MORGAN, Mary [P3166]; {F}

MORLAND, Mary [P1891]; {F}; 1796-; Gosport - about

MORRELL, Prue [P2387]; {F}

MORRIS, [P2662]; {M}
MORRIS, [P4486]; {M}
MORRIS, (HUSSEY,) [P4489]; {F}
MORRIS, 2 other daughters & 1 son [P4487]; {M}
MORRIS, Betty [P4303]; {F}
MORRIS, Betty [P4488]; {M}
MORRIS, Eileen [P4000]; {F}
MORRIS, Elaine [P3999]; {F}
MORRIS, Elizabeth = Minnie? (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P2661]; {F}; 1891-; Stourbridge ? - about 1891
MORRIS, Myra (ALLCHURCH, Myra) [P3939]; {F}; 1921-1999; Durham
MORRIS, Richard [P3998]; {M}; Nuneaton
MORRIS, Sandra [P4001]; {F}; 18 months
MORRIS, daughter [P4304]; {F}
MORRIS, son [P4305]; {M}

MORRIS NEE PRICE, Winifred Jean [P4292]; {F}

MORRISON, Frank L [P4676]; {M}
MORRISON, Kimberley (ALLCHURCH, Kimberley) [P4613]; {F}

MOSELEY, Isabell (ALCHURCHE, Isabell) [P705]; {F}; Rowley Regis ?
MOSELEY, Roger [P704]; {M}

MOSS, Katherine Emma [P4155]; {F}; 1983-; Stourbridge
MOSS, Louise Eizabeth [P4154]; {M}; 1979-; Portsmouth
MOSS, Timothy Edward [P4153]; {M}; 1958-

MOULE, Elizabeth [P2106]; {F}

MOWAT, Diana Calder [P2374]; {F}; -1919; Ballarat, Australia

MULLETT, Jane Elizabeth [P1038]; {F}

MUMFORD, Rhoda [P4576]; {F}

MUMFORD-BAILEY, Patrick [P3985]; {M}
MUMFORD-BAILEY, Waldo [P3984]; {M}

MURPHY, Patricia [P4079]; {F}

MURRAY, Mary Eliza [P2364]; {F}

MUSIAL, Holger [P4502]; {M}
MUSIAL, Ivy [P4505]; {F}; 1994-; Munster
MUSIAL, Nila [P4503]; {F}; 1989-; Munster
MUSIAL, Vincent [P4504]; {M}; 1992-; Munster

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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