Surnames beginning with P

PAGE, William [P3494]; {M}

PALMER, Catherine [P1182]; {F}; 1911-1982; Swansea 27 2387 Mar 1982
PALMER, Eileen [P3349]; {F}; 1924-; West Norwood/Lambeth
PALMER, James [P2654]; {M}
PALMER, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2446]; {F}; 1847-; Bewdley

PARDOE, Margaret [P2343]; {F}
PARDOE, Phoebe [P2545]; {F}
PARDOE, Sarah [P2336]; {F}

PARKAR, Isabel (ALCHURCH, Isabel) [P1406]; {F}; 1602-; Birmingham - about
PARKAR, Richard [P1407]; {M}

PARKER, Alice [P2207]; {F}; 1860-; Oxford age 22 at wedding - about
PARKER, Richard [P2650]; {M}

PARKES, Elizabeth [P2059]; {F}
PARKES, Isaac [P1123]; {M}

PARKS, Elizabeth [P299]; {F}; Rowley Regis
PARKS, Harriet Elizabeth [P1982]; {F}; 1841-1867; about
PARKS, Sara [P1301]; {F}

PARRY, Mary [P3370]; {F}; 1842-; Abergavenny, S Wales

PARSONS, Hannah [P1858]; {F}; 1840-; abt, St Clement
PARSONS, Hannah [P1964]; {F}; 1858-; abt, Rowgate, Sussex

PASS, Michael [P4506]; {M}

PATEFIELD, Dorothy [P4198]; {F}; 1907-
PATEFIELD, Florence [P4197]; {F}; 1906-
PATEFIELD, George [P4199]; {M}; 1911-
PATEFIELD, Harold [P4195]; {M}
PATEFIELD, Harold [P4196]; {M}; 1900-
PATEFIELD, Mary Ann (ALLCHURCH, Mary Ann) [P1654]; {F}; 1873-; Stambermill, Stourbridge

PATTERSON, William [P2101]; {M}

PAXTON, Rebecca [P4713]; {F}

PAYNE, James [P3363]; {M}
PAYNE, Winifred (ALLCHURCH, Winifred) [P3362]; {F}; 1841-; Ribbesford, Bewdley

PAYTON, Lydia [P277]; {F}; 1680-

PEACOCK, Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P2631]; {F}; 1856-; Stourbridge
PEACOCK, John [P2632]; {M}
PEACOCK, Minnie [P2633]; {F}; 1880-; Pennsylvania USA

PEARSALL, Stuart [P4422]; {M}

PEARSELL, [P2774]; {F}

PEARSON, Daniel [P1747]; {M}
PEARSON, David [P1748]; {M}
PEARSON, Jane (ALLCHURCH, Jane) [P819]; {F}; 1831-; Brockmoor
PEARSON, Rebecca [P984]; {F}; -1883; c 1838

PEARSONS, Winnifred [P290]; {F}

PEATE, Margaret [P542]; {F}; -1674; Rowley Regis ?

PECKITT, David [P4102]; {F}; aged 34

PELTON, Frederick William [P1934]; {M}

PERKES, Alyce [P234]; {F}; c 1578
PERKES, Mary [P3329]; {F}

PERKINS, [P4330]; {M}
PERKINS, Violet Rebecca (ALLCHURCH, Violet Rebecca) [P4225]; {F}; 1892-; Aston

PERKS, Eliza [P4093]; {F}

PERRINS, Leah [P1167]; {F}; 1856-1937; Stamber Mill, Staffs

PHILLIPS, Edith Marie [P3034]; {F}

PICKLES NEE BROWN, Beryl [P4510]; {F}

PILLING, Karen-Ann [P4525]; {F}

PINEGAR, Donald [P1013]; {M}
PINEGAR, Kimberley Joyce [P1531]; {F}
PINEGAR, Tamara Louise [P1532]; {F}

PIPE, Edward [P2488]; {M}; 1808-; Canwell
PIPE, Hannah Sarah Louisa [P23]; {F}; 1860-1934; Penkridge

PISCHING, Klaus [P4491]; {F}
PISCHING, Klaus [P4492]; {M}
PISCHING, Lance [P4493]; {M}; 1999-; Bunde
PISCHING, Roswitha Henrietta (ALLCHURCH, Roswitha Henrietta) [P4490]; {F}; 1955-; Nordhorn

PITTS, Harriett A [P3737]; {F}; 1857-; Sheffield, about

PLANT, Esther Harriett [P96]; {F}; 1854-

PLATT, Donalt [P3196]; {M}

PLUMLEY OR PALMER, Mary [P3164]; {F}

PLUMMER, Arthur [P2236]; {M}; abt 1873

PONT, Anne [P2024]; {F}; 1831-1908; about

POPE, Amelia Mei [P4811]; {M}; 2000-
POPE, Emily Abigail (ALLCHURCH, Emily Abigail) [P3681]; {F}; 1974-
POPE, Jedidiah [P4810]; {M}; 1999-
POPE, Reuben Daniel [P3684]; {M}

PORROCK, Alfred [P3453]; {M}

PORTER, John [P405]; {M}

PRATT, Ethel Daisy (ALLCHURCH, Ethel Daisy) [P3122]; {F}; 1889-1987; Stourbridge
PRATT, Frances Elizabeth [P3589]; {F}

PRICE, Cecil Clifford [P4734]; {M}
PRICE, Gladys J [P1152]; {F}; 1904-1960; Swansea 8b 739 Dec 1960 age 56

PRIES, Samuel [P3275]; {M}; 1828-; about

PRITCHARD, Barbara [P4538]; {F}
PRITCHARD, Mary A [P3366]; {F}; 1837-1888; Gillingham, about

PROSSER, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P1863]; {F}; 1756-; Deptford St Paul
PROSSER, Thomas [P1942]; {M}

PYBUS, David [P4423]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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