Surnames beginning with R

RANDLE, Elizabeth [P1506]; {F}; 1807-1875; Wolverley (1881 census)

RAQUIN, Aline [P2076]; {F}

RATCLIFFE, Bronwyn [P4026]; {F}

RATHMELL, Hubert [P4767]; {M}

RAWLINGS, [P4140]; {M}

RAYBOULD, Hannah [P1476]; {F}

RAYMOND, Alonzo Warren [P2567]; {M}
RAYMOND, Amanda (Alice May) [P2568]; {F}; 1883-1978; Spnser WI USA
RAYMOND, Charles Woods [P2570]; {M}; 1886-1957; Aurora IL USA
RAYMOND, Clyde Cyril [P2569]; {M}; 1884-1955; Aurora IL USA
RAYMOND, Harry (Henry) Leroy [P2572]; {M}; 1893-1986; Chicago IL
RAYMOND, Herbert Allchurch [P2571]; {M}; 1891-; Chicago IL
RAYMOND, Joyce Arlene [P2576]; {F}; 1926-; Snohomish WA USA
RAYMOND, Lois Raymond [P2574]; {F}; 1921-; nr Bellingham, Whatcom, WA USA

REED, [P4319]; {M}
REED, Alfred [P3875]; {F}

REES, Herbert [P4248]; {M}
REES, Sheila [P4375]; {F}

REEVES, John [P2228]; {M}; abt 1823

RESCHKE, Nettie G M [P4616]; {F}; -1918; Died in childbirth

RHODES NEE BROOKES, Elizabeth [P2982]; {F}; -1872; Dudley

RICHARDS, Bessie [P2553]; {F}
RICHARDS, John Thomas [P1718]; {M}

RICHARDSON, Jane [P3822]; {F}

RICKARD, Emma [P2626]; {F}

RIDER, Jhon [P2413]; {M}
RIDER, John [P323]; {M}; c 1700
RIDER, John [P1346]; {M}
RIDER, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P324]; {F}; 1700-; Kingswinford - about

RIGHTON, Hannah [P2241]; {F}

ROBERTS, [P1799]; {M}
ROBERTS, Eleanor Jane [P28]; {F}; 1913-1992; Wrexham, Denbighshire
ROBERTS, Elizabeth [P1756]; {F}; -1843
ROBERTS, John Edward [P1701]; {M}; 1870-; Abbot St, Wrexham
ROBERTS, John Foxall [P194]; {M}; Amblecote
ROBERTS, Lewis [P1703]; {M}; 1836-; Llangwm
ROBERTS, Meredith [P1755]; {M}; 1784-1864; Llangwm
ROBERTS, Thomas [P1757]; {M}; 1739-1792; Llangwm

ROBERTSON, Iris [P1009]; {F}; 1907-2001; Swansea

ROBINSON, (BURTON, Susan) [P4756]; {F}
ROBINSON, Catherine [P3983]; {F}; 1919-1999; Stourbridge
ROBINSON, David [P4755]; {M}; 1820-1880; Bradford
ROBINSON, Edna [P3988]; {F}
ROBINSON, Florence Kate [P4387]; {F}
ROBINSON, Martha [P4760]; {F}; 1867-; Bradford
ROBINSON, Mary [P2063]; {F}; 1858-1926; Bradford Yorks
ROBINSON, Nancy [P4757]; {F}; 1863-; Bradford
ROBINSON, Priscilla [P4758]; {F}; 1855-; Bradford, Yorks
ROBINSON, Sarah [P4759]; {F}; 1848-; Bradford
ROBINSON, Sophia [P3614]; {F}

ROBSON, Blanche [P4796]; {F}; 1866-1905

ROGERS, Amiee Patricia [P4162]; {F}; 1988-; Truro
ROGERS, Craig [P4161]; {M}
ROGERS, Isaac [P4163]; {M}; 1994-; Truro

ROPE, Ann [P3336]; {F}

ROSE, Albert [P2274]; {M}

ROTTEN, Joseph [P4366]; {M}

ROUND, James [P3460]; {M}

ROUTLEY, Henrietta Mary Ann [P2985]; {F}

ROWBERRY, Ada (ALLCHURCH, Ada) [P3103]; {F}; 1890-; Kidderminster
ROWBERRY, Ada (ALLCHURCH, Ada) [P4429]; {F}; 1912-; Stourbridge
ROWBERRY, Frederick Byrom [P3106]; {M}
ROWBERRY, George H [P3649]; {M}

ROWLEY, Doris [P2401]; {F}; 1950-

RUSSELL, Jane [P4398]; {F}
RUSSELL, May [P4531]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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