Surnames beginning with W

WADE, Jayne [P3609]; {F}

WAINWRIGHT, Elizabeth (Bessie) [P3898]; {F}; -1990; Sheffield
WAINWRIGHT, Richard [P3695]; {M}

WAIT, George [P2659]; {M}; 1859-; abt

WALKER, [P4466]; {M}
WALKER, Edwin [P4411]; {F}
WALKER, Edwin [P4581]; {M}
WALKER, Harriett (ALLCHURCH, Harriett) [P4410]; {F}

WALL, Margery [P1823]; {F}

WALLACE, Mary Ann [P3761]; {F}; 1866-
WALLACE, Teresia [P4482]; {F}

WALTERS, [P4217]; {F}
WALTERS, Anne Maria [P118]; {F}; 1833-; Brierly Hill
WALTERS, Brian [P4189]; {M}
WALTERS, Edward [P4030]; {M}
WALTERS, John [P4031]; {M}
WALTERS, Margaret (ALLCHURCH, Margaret Alice) [P4029]; {F}; 1905-1982; Stourbridge

WARD, (BUNN, Hilda) [P4214]; {F}
WARD, Margaret (ALLCHURCH, Margaret) [P4211]; {F}; 1883-; Stourbridge

WARDMAN, William [P2082]; {M}

WARMINGTON, Elizabeth [P2209]; {F}

WARR, Hilda (BUNN, Hilda) [P4214]; {F}
WARR, Joseph [P4212]; {M}
WARR, Margaret [P4215]; {F}
WARR, Mary [P3910]; {F}
WARR, Reginald [P4213]; {M}; -1984; Apr

WASSELL, [P4130]; {M}

WATERS, Brian Edward [P4288]; {M}
WATERS, Lucie [P4543]; {F}
WATERS, Patricia (ALLCHURCH, Patricia) [P3887]; {F}; 1943-; Alton, Hants
WATERS, Simon [P4544]; {M}

WATSON, Vera Helen [P4106]; {F}

WAULDERN, Richard [P2753]; {M}

WEATHERBURN, Helen [P3201]; {F}

WEAVER, Leah [P2959]; {F}; Stratford upon Avon

WEBB, Lilian Betty [P2513]; {F}; 1919-
WEBB, Lynston [P4535]; {M}
WEBB, Matthew [P4537]; {M}
WEBB, Penelope (ALLCHURCH, Penelope) [P2555]; {F}; 1952-; Stourbrige
WEBB, Sarah [P4536]; {M}

WEBBER, Martha Emma [P2958]; {F}; 1853-1925; Rotherhithe - about

WEIGH, Anita [P4355]; {F}; 1942-; West Bromwich

WELLS, Vera [P3638]; {F}

WESTON, Ethel [P4121]; {F}

WHEELER, [P4467]; {M}; born Scotland
WHEELER, Catherine (ALLCHURCH, Catherine) [P2167]; {F}; 1839-1908; South Littleton
WHEELER, Florence [P3708]; {F}
WHEELER, Ivy [P4468]; {F}
WHEELER, William [P2253]; {M}; 1840-1906

WHEELHOUSE, Alice (ALLCHURCH, Alice) [P3821]; {F}; 1944-; Sheffield
WHEELHOUSE, Keith [P3833]; {M}

WHEELWRIGHT, Thomas [P3451]; {M}

WHILE, Elizabeth [P557]; {F}; -1691; ? Halesowen

WHITE, Gwendolyne Francis [P3067]; {F}; 1907-; Whitewood Sk, Canada
WHITE, Mary [P2731]; {F}

WHITLOCK, [P4455]; {F}

WHITT, Agnes (AULCHURCH, Agnes) [P370]; {F}; 1526-; Old Swinford
WHITT, Agnes (ALCHURCH, Agnes) [P2754]; {F}; 1526-; Kingswinford ? - about
WHITT, Richard [P2755]; {M}
WHITT, Richard [P3195]; {M}

WILCOX, Edward [P2352]; {M}
WILCOX, Mary (ALLCHURCH, Mary) [P2319]; {F}; 1777-; Ribbesford

WILKINSON, Gyles [P1829]; {M}
WILKINSON, Jane [P3307]; {F}
WILKINSON, Jane [P3559]; {F}

WILLIAMS, Annie [P3854]; {F}; 1912-1967; Sheffield
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth [P2031]; {F}; 1881-1969; Moonta SA
WILLIAMS, Florence Muriel [P43]; {F}; 1903-1973; W Glam (Swansea) Giving birth 8b 3620 Dec 1973
WILLIAMS, Margaret [P733]; {F}
WILLIAMS, Mary [P1945]; {F}
WILLIAMS, Patricia [P3787]; {F}

WILLIAMS NEE ?, Marilyn "Lyn" [P1087]; {F}

WILLIS, Alice [P4768]; {F}
WILLIS, Mary Ann [P1103]; {F}; 1828-; Kingswinford

WILSON, Charles [P4588]; {M}
WILSON, Leah (HALLCHURCH, Leah) [P4344]; {F}; 1887-1918; Wortley
WILSON, Paul Norman [P3724]; {M}

WINBOURNE, [P1217]; {M}

WINDMILL, [P1683]; {M}
WINDMILL, [P3576]; {M}
WINDMILL, Mary A [P1504]; {F}; 1828-; Near Cross, Lye - about
WINDMILL, Mary Ann [P127]; {F}

WIRE, Margaret [P3463]; {F}; 1835-; about

WISBY, Jane [P4549]; {F}

WITHERS, Ann [P4461]; {F}

WITTON, Margaret [P3562]; {F}

WOOD, [P4120]; {M}
WOOD, (SCOTT, Mary) [P4799]; {F}; 1787-1832; Jedburgh
WOOD, (ROBSON, Blanche) [P4796]; {F}; 1866-1905
WOOD, (GRANT, Jessie) [P4794]; {F}; 1886-1959; Newcastle upon Tyne
WOOD, Ben [P3081]; {M}
WOOD, Dorothy Blanche (Theo) [P4792]; {F}; 1915-1991; Blandford Dorset
WOOD, James [P4798]; {M}; 1770-1846; Acrum
WOOD, John [P4797]; {M}; 1827-1885
WOOD, John Stanley [P4793]; {M}; 1886-1945
WOOD, Lilian (Nellie) (ALLCHURCH, Nellie Maud) [P3080]; {F}; 1879-; Eastbourne
WOOD, William Henry [P4795]; {M}; 1860-1933

WOOTON THOMAS, Phyllis Mary [P1062]; {F}; 1918-; Tel 01543 503479

WORRALL, (, Elizabeth) [P3400]; {F}
WORRALL, Ann (Iligitimate) [P948]; {F}; 1774-; St Thomas Dudley
WORRALL, Joseph [P292]; {M}; c 1755
WORRALL, Joseph [P1571]; {M}
WORRALL, Thomas [P1572]; {M}; 1830-; Lye, Worcs (1851 census age 21)

WRIGHT, Alice [P37]; {F}; 1869-1961; Swansea 8b 686 Dec 1961 age 91
WRIGHT, Alice Lilian (ALLCHURCH, Alice Lilian) [P3223]; {F}; 1892-1963; 43 Selcroft Road, Greenwich East
WRIGHT, William J [P3345]; {M}; -1964; Newport Pagnell, Bucks

WYATT, Irene [P4769]; {F}

WYLYE, Richard [P1580]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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