1.  Council notes the response by its Executive Committee to the Government consultation on Eco Towns (resolution of 7 July 2008) and wishes to record its full endorsement of the Executive's detailed expression of opposition to the Eco Towns scheme generally and the Weston Otmoor proposal in particular:

a.      the impact of the proposed eco-town of 35,000 people on the successful economic development of Bicester

b.      the impact of the proposed eco-town on the transport network especially congestion on the A34 and M40 at J9 and minor roads and lanes in the area.

c.       the affordability of the proposed  new railway station, tram system and modifications to the M40 J6 and will provide the benefits claimed by the developer.

d.      the impact of the proposed eco-town on Oxford’s Green Belt as a quarter of the proposed site will be within the Green Belt.

e.       doubts that the proposed eco-town is environmentally sustainable when it seems inevitable that there will be substantial traffic growth.

f.        the impact of concreting over 2000 acres of farm land to the flooding threat.

g.      the impact on wildlife habitats as part of the proposed development that includes Woodsides Meadow Nature Reserve managed by BBOWT, and other grassland and wildflower meadows.

h.      how will the eco-town impact on the water supply and  to other services such as sewage and electricity bearing in mind past water restrictions in the county.

i.         the impact on Oxfordshire schooling, hospitals, library services,  social services ,waste collection and disposal and other services provided by the local authorities.

2. The council also deplores the lack of consultation  with Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council and other bodies by the Government before they short listed the proposed Weston-Otmoor eco-town.