Our yacht between Santa Cruz and Baltra islands

White Tipped Shark in lagoon on Santa Cruz

Brown Pelican on Mangrove bushes

At sea


Santa Cruz

Land Iguana on Santa Cruz

A Medium Ground Finch (Geospiza fortis) drops in to the yacht

Los Gamelos extinct volcano on Santa Cruz in the mist

Small Ground Finch near the volcano

"Lonesome George" the last Galapagos Tortoise from Pinta Island

Three New Eggs Found in Lonesome George's Corral


Great Blue Heron and Lava Gull at the fish market


Pelicans feeding at the fish market

Pinzon Island

Raft of Grey Phalaropes


Volcanic Lava

Snorkelling with penguins North Seymour island

Coast of North Seymour

Baby seal and Marine Iguana