Birds seen in Oman October 2011 - this page is under construction - names to be added and some pictures to be changed.


Heuglin's Gull - Larus heuglini

Isabelline Shrike (Turkestan race) - Lanius isabellinus

Bar-tailed Godwit - Limosa limosa

Cinamon-breasted  Bunting - Emberiza tahapisi

Black-crowned Finch Lark - (male) - Eremopterix nigriceps

Black-crowned Finch Lark - (female) - Eremopterix nigriceps

Black-winged Stilts - Himantopus himantopus

Black-winged stilts being chased by a Marsh Harrier

Cinamon-breasted  Bunting - Emberiza tahapisi

Citrine Wagtail - Motacilla citreola



Citrine Wagtail - Motacilla citreola

Crab Plover - Dromas ardeola with Black-tailed Godwit and Redshank

Crested Tern - Sterna bergii

Crested Lark - Galerida cristata

Eurasian Curlew (oriental race) - Numenius arquata orientals

Desert Wheatear - Oenanthe deserti


Egyptian Vulture

Little Grebe and Black-necked Grebe


Common Wheatear



Little bee-eater

Glossy Ibis

Purple Sunbird

Grey-headed Kingfisher

Grey Heron

Montague's Harrier

Marsh Harrier (Female)

Northern Wheatear

Namaqua Dove (male)

White Eye

Yemen Siskins

White-cheeked Tern

Whimbrel with White-cheeked Terns


White-cheeked Bulbul

Tristrams Starling


Common Mynah and Wattled Lapwing

Spotted Sandgrouse

Graceful Prinia

Lesser Kestrel

Lesser Kestrel

Scrub Warbler

Lesser Sand-plovers

Socotra Cormrants

Squacco Heron

Short-toed Eagle

Sooty Gull

Steppe Eagle?

Short-toed Eagle?

White Storks

Steppe Eagle