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Where did the first English Aeronaut Land? - Some Woodeaton Trivia

Inside the church that is built on the site of a former Saxon Church

Memorial to Trooper Woodcock QOOH killed in 1915. The Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars are now a Royal Signals badged TA unit with the Headquarters  in Banbury and a troop in Oxford.

Woodeaton Church  



Village Green


Woodeaton News

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Transcript of Parish Registers - WOODEATON
WOODEATON OXFORDSHIRE Transcript of Parish Registers Woodeaton (Oxfordshire) Baptisms 1868 Oct 11 EUSTACE Mary Ann d William & Martha lab Islip Woodeaton (Oxfordshire) Marriages 1867 Nov 18 EUSTACE William, full, b, lab, Islip s Samuel, shoemaker