Family [F2]



Eli HALLCHURCH {M} [P5] = Eleanor LOWE {F} [P10]


Ann HALLCHURCH {F} [P11] = Walter BOSWORTH {M} [P1214] > Family [F457]

Samuel [BC] HALLCHURCH {M} [P1080]

William HALLCHURCH {M} [P13] = Elizabeth HUGHES {F} [P1158] > Family [F312]

Alice HALLCHURCH {F} [P15]

Thomas HALLCHURCH {M} [P16] = Hannah Sarah Louisa PIPE {F} [P23] > Family [F3]

Emma HALLCHURCH {F} [P17] = Arthur "Chinny" JUKES {M} [P876] > Family [F308]

Eli HALLCHURCH {M} [P18] = Mary SMITH {F} [P1165] > Family [F307]

Edwin Henery HALLCHURCH {M} [P19]

Eleanor "Nellie" HALLCHURCH {F} [P20]

Elizabeth "Lizzie" HALLCHURCH {M} [P14]

Evan HALLCHURCH {M} [P21] = Alice WRIGHT {F} [P37] > Family [F8]

Owen HALLCHURCH {M} [P182] = Constance Emily SWINDELL {F} [P1022] > Family [F69]

Walter [BC] HALLCHURCH {M} [P1104]


Parish Church St Peter & St Paul's Aston County of Warwick J T Roberts Parish Clerk
John T Green - Curate
In presence of
Charles Timms ? & Harriet Timms (her mark)
1861 census living Bird in Hand Brierly Hill
Eli 32
Elener b Sedgley 31
Ann 9
William 6
Alice 2
Thomas 11 Months
1870 lived at Dudley Street Brierly Hill
Moved to Walsall Road Cannock by 1881

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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