Family [F1]



Samuel HALLCHURCH {M} [P1] = Lydia TOMLINSON {F} [P2]


Thomas HALLCHURCH {M} [P811] = Maria ADAMS {F} [P815] > Family [F290]

Isaiah HALLCHURCH {M} [P4] = Mary Ann WILLIS {F} [P1103] > Family [F323]

Eli HALLCHURCH {M} [P5] = Eleanor LOWE {F} [P10] > Family [F2]


Ann HALLCHURCH {F} [P1653]

Amelia Ann HALLCHURCH {F} [P8] = John Foxall ROBERTS {M} [P194] > Family [F77]

Samuel HALLCHURCH {M} [P3501]


Rickard not proved
Samuel married as Allchurch Witnesses John Webb and Thos Walker (Walker is also a witness to Thos Mole's marriage)
Will 4 Jun 1852
Three dwelling houses at Brierly Hill occupied by Benjamin Lawley, George Grosvenor and Martha Hoose.
Four children Thomas, Isiah, Eli and Amelia all minors.
1841 census a Ben Kirkham lived with them
member of the family made leg irons for Elephants and the slave trade

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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