Surnames beginning with T

TAILER, Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P1384]; {F}; 1594-; Rowley Regis ? - about
TAILER, Richard [P1383]; {M}

TAYE, Mary [P2983]; {F}
TAYE, Mary [P3278]; {F}

TAYLOR, (, Catherine) [P4709]; {F}
TAYLOR, (WILLIS, Alice) [P4768]; {F}
TAYLOR, (WYATT, Irene) [P4769]; {F}
TAYLOR, (BADGER, Elizabeth) [P4707]; {F}; 1647-; about
TAYLOR, Alice [P2113]; {F}; 1916-; Lachine Montreal
TAYLOR, Anne [P1467]; {F}; -1732; Old Swinford
TAYLOR, Benjamin Fitton [P2108]; {M}; 1907-1971; Yorkshire
TAYLOR, Christopher [P2521]; {M}; 1975-
TAYLOR, Daniel [P3569]; {M}
TAYLOR, Elaine [P2086]; {F}; Montreal Canada
TAYLOR, Elaine [P2368]; {F}; 1937-; Grimethorpe, Yorks
TAYLOR, Elienor (ALCHURCHE, Elienor) [P617]; {F}; Rowley Regis ?
TAYLOR, Elizabeth (ALLCHURCH, Elizabeth) [P2066]; {F}; 1888-1968; Preston
TAYLOR, Harry [P2109]; {M}; 1908-1977; Lachine Montreal
TAYLOR, Jack [P2115]; {M}; 1924-1997
TAYLOR, Jane [P718]; {F}; 1726 ? Old Swinford
TAYLOR, Joan [P2365]; {F}
TAYLOR, John [P616]; {M}
TAYLOR, John [P2366]; {M}
TAYLOR, Jonathan Fitton [P2085]; {M}; 1887-1957; Bradford
TAYLOR, Julie [P2520]; {F}; 1969-
TAYLOR, Keith [P2518]; {M}
TAYLOR, Laura [P2110]; {F}; 1911-1996; Lachine, Montreal
TAYLOR, Leah (TURNER, Leah) [P2367]; {F}
TAYLOR, M [P4209]; {F}
TAYLOR, Mary (ALCHURCH, Mary) [P1303]; {F}; 1677-; Rowley Regis
TAYLOR, Mary (ALCHURCH, Mary) [P1304]; {F}; 1677-; Rowley Regis
TAYLOR, Mary [P2114]; {F}; 1920-1990
TAYLOR, Mary Eliza (MURRAY, Mary Eliza) [P2364]; {F}
TAYLOR, Nelson Fitton [P2112]; {M}; 1913-1986; Lachine Montreal
TAYLOR, Richard [P4708]; {M}
TAYLOR, Robart [P1332]; {M}
TAYLOR, Robert [P3568]; {M}
TAYLOR, Robert [P4706]; {M}; 1651-; Rowley Regis
TAYLOR, Sharon [P2519]; {F}; 1965-
TAYLOR, Sheila (ALLCHURCH, Sheila) [P2514]; {F}; 1948-; Evesham
TAYLOR, Susanna [P2055]; {F}; -1752; Dowles
TAYLOR, Thamar [P220]; {F}; -1850; Kingswinford

THOMAS, Betty [P4242]; {F}
THOMAS, Christine [P1221]; {F}
THOMAS, Clive [P4380]; {M}
THOMAS, Esme [P3782]; {F}
THOMAS, Muriel Elaine [P4833]; {F}

THOMPSON, Jane Anne [P3742]; {F}

THORNLEY, [P4291]; {M}
THORNLEY, Herbert Wilmott [P4484]; {M}
THORNLEY, Jennifer [P4485]; {M}

THRUSSELL, Emily Susan [P2950]; {F}; -1930; South Littleton age 53

TILBURY, Geraldine [P2390]; {F}; 28 Jan

TILSEY, Julie [P4397]; {F}

TIMMINS, Drew [P3970]; {M}
TIMMINS, Jason [P3968]; {M}
TIMMINS, Kirby Jay [P3969]; {F}

TODD, Jacqueline [P4474]; {F}

TOLLEY, Ann [P2283]; {F}

TOMBLINS, Katherine [P2807]; {F}; 1621-; Wellington, Herefordshire
TOMBLINS, William [P2808]; {M}; 1628-; Wellington, Herefordshire

TOMKINS, Lola Mary [P3591]; {F}; 1919-2000; Evesham

TOMLINSON, Elijah [P189]; {M}; -1852; "Killed"
TOMLINSON, Lydia [P2]; {F}; 1794-1867; Amblecote (1861 census)

TOMLINSON?, Harriett [P2961]; {F}; 1837-; about

TONKS, Ann [P1096]; {F}

TORRANCE, Mary Ann Torrance Family1 Family2 [P3719]; {F}; 1875-; Stirling, Scotland

TOWNSEND, Sarah [P2791]; {F}; Round Oak

TRUELUFF, [P4227]; {F}

TUNKS, Elizabeth [P2217]; {F}

TUPMAN, Emily [P3143]; {F}; 1835-1899; Hereford, about

TURNER, [P3934]; {F}
TURNER, Florence Eileen (ALLCHURCH, Florence Eileen) [P3714]; {F}; -1962
TURNER, Karen [P3716]; {F}
TURNER, Leah [P2367]; {F}
TURNER, William [P3715]; {M}

TWEEDY, Eleanor [P2144]; {F}

TYLER, John [P3271]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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