Surnames beginning with P

PERCY, Henry [P765]; {M}

PERRY, Edward [P175]; {M}; 1701-; Wolverhampton St Peter

PERSHOUSE, Alice [P346]; {F}

PHILLIPPES, John [P495]; {M}

PIPE, [P295]; {M}
PIPE, Agnes [P255]; {F}; abt 1330
PIPE, Alice [P256]; {M}; abt 1363
PIPE, Alice [P773]; {F}; 1879-
PIPE, Allen [P420]; {M}; 1872-; Ludlow
PIPE, Ann [P300]; {F}
PIPE, Ann [P496]; {F}
PIPE, Ann [P100]; {F}; 1722-; Stafford St Mary
PIPE, Ann [P557]; {F}; 1736-; Tamworth
PIPE, Ann [P15]; {F}; 1801-; Austrey
PIPE, Anna [P490]; {F}; 1620-1620; St Martin in the Fields
PIPE, Anna Maria [P13]; {F}; 1811-1811; probably
PIPE, Anne [P431]; {M}; -1715; Probate
PIPE, Anne [P412]; {F}; 1815-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Annie [P365]; {F}; abt 1866 Bridgnorth
PIPE, Annie [P774]; {F}; 1877-; Tamworth
PIPE, Anthony [P487]; {M}; -1629; St Martin in the Fields
PIPE, Caroline [P69]; {F}; 1820-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PIPE, Catherine [P72]; {F}; 1800-1823; Tamrorth
PIPE, Catherine [P411]; {F}; 1804-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Catherine [P12]; {F}; 1812-; Canwell Gate
PIPE, Catherine [P75]; {F}; 1824-; Whittington, Lichfield
PIPE, Charles [P327]; {M}; 1871-; Hopwas
PIPE, Charles [P776]; {M}; 1885-; Tamworth
PIPE, Charles [P1095]; {M}; 1892-; about Birmingham
PIPE, Charles Edwin [P78]; {M}; 1853-; Lichfield St Mary
PIPE, Charles Fletcher [P741]; {M}; 1876-; about, Manchester
PIPE, Charles Joshua [P79]; {M}; 1824-1861; Tamworth
PIPE, Charles William [P9]; {M}; 1850-; Abbots Bromley
PIPE, Charles William [P25]; {M}; 1876-; Hanley
PIPE, Charlotte [P410]; {F}; 1818-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Clara Maria [P447]; {F}; 1850-; Birmingham (Twin) 1851 census
PIPE, David [P374]; {M}; 1823-; Aston
PIPE, Dorothy [P350]; {F}; 1604-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PIPE, Dorothy [P85]; {F}; 1667-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Dorothy M [P1098]; {F}; 1901-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Edward [P2]; {M}; 1809-1871; Canwell Gate
PIPE, Edward Baker [P24]; {M}; 1873-; Hanley
PIPE, Edward Smith [P8]; {M}; 1844-; Marston
PIPE, Elizabeth [P48]; {F}; -1811; died in infancy Tamworth
PIPE, Elizabeth [P316]; {F}; i infancy
PIPE, Elizabeth [P355]; {F}
PIPE, Elizabeth [P440]; {F}; abt 1754
PIPE, Elizabeth [P502]; {F}; 1607-; Holborn St Andrew
PIPE, Elizabeth [P96]; {F}; 1640-1641; Wolverhampton St Peter
PIPE, Elizabeth [P97]; {F}; 1664-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Elizabeth [P544]; {F}; 1714-; Wiggington Tamworth
PIPE, Elizabeth [P546]; {F}; 1714-; Wiggington
PIPE, Elizabeth [P552]; {F}; 1718-; Hoppas
PIPE, Elizabeth [P93]; {F}; 1753-; Tamworth
PIPE, Elizabeth [P394]; {F}; 1771-; Hoppas
PIPE, Elizabeth [P58]; {F}; 1774-1807; Tamworth
PIPE, Elizabeth [P14]; {F}; 1794-; Penkridge St Michaels
PIPE, Elizabeth [P376]; {F}; 1815-; Birmingham St Phillips
PIPE, Elizabeth [P377]; {F}; 1828-; Birmingham St Phillips
PIPE, Elizabeth Suzanna [P370]; {F}; 1848-; London
PIPE, Elizabetha [P90]; {F}; 1726-; Stafford St Mary
PIPE, Ellen [P422]; {F}; 1870-; Ludlow
PIPE, Elsie [P771]; {F}; 1888-; Tamworth
PIPE, Emily (CAVE?, Emily) [P1094]; {F}; 1865-; abt Cannock
PIPE, Emily [P772]; {F}; 1878-
PIPE, Emily Anna [P446]; {F}; 1846-; Birmingham (1851 census)
PIPE, Emily D [P1096]; {F}; 1893-; Birmingham
PIPE, Emily Elizabeth [P53]; {F}; 1818-1820; Tamworth
PIPE, Emma [P428]; {F}
PIPE, Fanny [P368]; {M}; Tamwoth
PIPE, Fanny [P426]; {M}
PIPE, Fanny [P395]; {F}; 1753-; Hoppas
PIPE, Fanny [P404]; {M}; 1852-; London
PIPE, Frances [P433]; {F}
PIPE, Francis Henry [P803]; {M}
PIPE, Frank [P779]; {M}; 1896-
PIPE, Frederick [P777]; {M}
PIPE, Frederick William [P108]; {M}; 1827-1870; Tamworth
PIPE, George [P483]; {M}
PIPE, George [P109]; {M}; 1819-1849; Tamworth
PIPE, Hannah [P357]; {F}; abt 1790
PIPE, Hannah [P113]; {F}; 1776-; Tamworth
PIPE, Harriah [P366]; {F}; abt 1868 Bridgnorth
PIPE, Harry [P775]; {M}
PIPE, Henry [P379]; {M}; 1833-; Birminhgam St Phillips
PIPE, Hester [P608]; {M}; 4th issue
PIPE, Howard [P116]; {F}; 1717-; Stafford St Mary
PIPE, Hugh [P804]; {M}
PIPE, Humphrey [P601]; {M}
PIPE, Humphrey [P121]; {M}; 1682-1725; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Humphrey [P298]; {M}; 1755-1802; Tamworth
PIPE, Iron [P262]; {M}; early 15th Century
PIPE, Isabella [P289]; {F}; by 1806
PIPE, Isabella [P413]; {F}; 1813-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, James [P307]; {M}; -1809
PIPE, James [P314]; {M}; in infancy
PIPE, James [P351]; {M}; -1808; Hopwas, Tamworth
PIPE, James [P549]; {M}
PIPE, James [P602]; {M}
PIPE, James [P124]; {M}; 1721-; Stafford St Mary
PIPE, James [P125]; {M}; 1781-1838; Tamworth
PIPE, James [P287]; {M}; 1787-1838; Hints
PIPE, James [P359]; {M}; 1792-; Tamworth
PIPE, James [P19]; {M}; 1815-; Hopwas
PIPE, James [P130]; {M}; 1817-; Hopwas, Tamworth
PIPE, James [P381]; {M}; 1817-; Sutton Coldfield
PIPE, James [P133]; {M}; 1823-; Lichfield St Mary
PIPE, James [P21]; {M}; 1844-; Hademore
PIPE, James [P324]; {M}; 1845-; Hademoor
PIPE, James George [P135]; {M}; 1820-; Tamworth
PIPE, James William [P129]; {M}; 1816-; Tamworth
PIPE, James William [P136]; {M}; 1823-1820; Tamworth
PIPE, Jane [P315]; {F}; in infancy
PIPE, Jane [P486]; {F}; 1621-; St Martin in the Fields
PIPE, Jane [P489]; {F}; 1622-; St Martin in the Fields
PIPE, Jane [P137]; {F}; 1714-; Walsall St Matthew
PIPE, Jane Elizabeth [P139]; {F}; 1817-1820; Tamworth
PIPE, Jane Louisa [P141]; {F}; 1854-; Lichfield St Mary
PIPE, Joanna [P144]; {F}; 1822-; Tamworth
PIPE, Johannes [P492]; {M}; 1623-; St Martin in the Fields
PIPE, John [P340]; {M}
PIPE, John [P344]; {M}
PIPE, John [P531]; {M}; 1605-1606; Wolverhampton
PIPE, John [P147]; {M}; 1720-; Stafford St Mary
PIPE, John [P554]; {M}; 1724-; Hoppas
PIPE, John [P561]; {M}; 1741-; Hoppas
PIPE, John [P294]; {M}; 1746-1807; Tamworth, age 61
PIPE, John [P399]; {M}; 1747-; Hopwas
PIPE, John [P148]; {M}; 1766-1840; Tamworth
PIPE, John [P67]; {M}; 1785-1839; Hints
PIPE, John [P151]; {M}; 1819-1869; Tamworth
PIPE, John [P382]; {M}; 1828-; Birmingham St Phillips
PIPE, John [P154]; {M}; 1850-1767; Tamworth
PIPE, John Hall [P158]; {M}; 1807-; Tamworth
PIPE, John Harvey [P159]; {M}; 1813-; Tamworth
PIPE, John Richard [P26]; {M}; 1879-; Hanley
PIPE, John Saunders [P405]; {M}; 1767-1835; Dudley St Thomas
PIPE, Joseph [P177]; {M}; -1792
PIPE, Joseph [P406]; {M}; 1770-; Dudley St Thomas
PIPE, Joseph [P160]; {M}; 1771-1807; Tamworth
PIPE, Joseph Henry [P162]; {M}; 1852-1911; St Deith's Tamworth
PIPE, Joyce [P606]; {F}; 3rd issue
PIPE, Joyce [P682]; {M}
PIPE, Kate [P163]; {F}; 1857-; Lichfield, St Mary
PIPE, Kitty [P288]; {F}; 1791-; Hints
PIPE, Lawrence R [P1097]; {M}; 1899-; Birmingham
PIPE, Louisa // (, Louisa //) [P22]; {F}; 1845-1913; Penkridge
PIPE, Louisa Sarah [P166]; {F}; 1817-; Tamworth
PIPE, Margaret [P615]; {F}; abt 1772
PIPE, Margaret [P169]; {F}; 1284-; Abt Pipe Ridware
PIPE, Margaret Evelyn [P371]; {F}
PIPE, Margaret Mary [P7]; {F}; 1842-; Marston
PIPE, Maria [P171]; {F}; 1815-; Tamworth
PIPE, Marianna [P309]; {F}; 1813-1819; in infancy
PIPE, Mary [P286]; {F}
PIPE, Mary [P356]; {F}
PIPE, Mary [P400]; {F}; -1745; Bonehill
PIPE, Mary [P174]; {F}; 1674-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Mary [P540]; {F}; 1712-; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary [P551]; {M}; 1716-; /17 Coton, Tamworth
PIPE, Mary [P179]; {F}; 1736-; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary [P558]; {F}; 1736-; Bonehill
PIPE, Mary [P181]; {F}; 1773-; Aldridge
PIPE, Mary [P182]; {F}; 1777-; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary [P618]; {F}; 1797-; Repton Derby
PIPE, Mary [P383]; {F}; 1798-; Austrey
PIPE, Mary [P414]; {F}; 1802-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Mary Ann [P34]; {F}; 1861-1864; Penkridge
PIPE, Mary Anne [P186]; {F}; 1804-; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary Anne [P367]; {M}; 1804-1873; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary Anne [P187]; {F}; 1814-1873; Tamworth
PIPE, Mary Anne [P369]; {F}; 1850-1873; London
PIPE, Mary Isabella [P17]; {F}; 1807-1808; Austrey
PIPE, Mary Jane [P176]; {F}; 1713-; Walsall
PIPE, Mary Louisa [P23]; {F}; 1871-; Stafford
PIPE, Matilda [P384]; {F}; 1830-; Birmingham St Phillips
PIPE, Michael [P293]; {M}; 1789-; Hints
PIPE, Nancy [P188]; {F}; 1773-; Aldridge
PIPE, Philip [P189]; {M}; 1669-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Ralph [P191]; {M}; 1282-; Pipe Ridware
PIPE, Rev Samuel [P664]; {M}; 1719-1779
PIPE, Rev'd Samuel [P215]; {M}; 1716-; Walsall
PIPE, Richard [P47]; {M}; died in infancy Tamworth
PIPE, Richard [P195]; {M}
PIPE, Richard [P285]; {M}
PIPE, Richard [P313]; {M}; in infancy
PIPE, Richard [P390]; {M}; -1779
PIPE, Richard [P393]; {M}; -1773; Hoppas
PIPE, Richard [P193]; {M}; 1677-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Richard [P202]; {M}; 1729-; Tatenhill St Michael
PIPE, Richard [P559]; {M}; 1738-; Hoppas
PIPE, Richard [P391]; {M}; 1740-1774; Hopwas
PIPE, Richard [P205]; {M}; 1773-1773; Tamworth
PIPE, Richard [P156]; {M}; 1777-; Tamworth
PIPE, Richard [P206]; {M}; 1782-; Tamworth
PIPE, Richard [P197]; {M}; 1800-; Weeford
PIPE, Richard [P16]; {M}; 1803-
PIPE, Richard [P199]; {M}; 1823-; Tamworth
PIPE, Richard [P35]; {M}; 1853-; Haughton
PIPE, Robert [P10]; {M}; -1819; Staffs Advertiser
PIPE, Robert [P244]; {M}
PIPE, Robert [P207]; {M}; 1328-; Pipe Ridware
PIPE, Robert [P209]; {M}; 1365-; Pipe Ridware
PIPE, Robert [P41]; {M}; 1744-1805; Hopwas, Staffs
PIPE, Robert [P360]; {M}; 1796-1800; Austrey
PIPE, Robert [P18]; {M}; 1800-1797; Austrey
PIPE, Robert John [P6]; {M}; 1847-1853; Abbots Bromley, Bagot Street
PIPE, Samuel [P332]; {M}; 1559-1636; St Lawrence Jewry 5th son
PIPE, Samuel [P83]; {M}; 1641-1706; Wolverhampton St Peter
PIPE, Samuel [P211]; {M}; 1670-; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Samuel [P88]; {M}; 1672-1731; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Sarah [P223]; {F}; 1665-1732; Wolverhampton
PIPE, Sarah [P545]; {F}; 1716-; Wiggington
PIPE, Sarah [P547]; {F}; 1716-; Wiggington
PIPE, Sarah [P553]; {F}; 1721-; Coton
PIPE, Sarah [P224]; {F}; 1728-; Bilston
PIPE, Sarah [P225]; {F}; 1780-; Tamworth
PIPE, Sarah [P227]; {F}; 1815-; Weeford
PIPE, Sarah Anne [P415]; {F}; 1811-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Sarah Grace [P605]; {F}; 1752-
PIPE, Sarah Grace [P228]; {F}; 1752-1789; Tamworth
PIPE, Sarah Hannah Louise [P4]; {F}; 1866-; Penkridge
PIPE, Sir Walter [P331]; {M}; 1594-1650; Wolverhampton St Peter
PIPE, Susannah [P555]; {F}; 1726-1727; Coton
PIPE, Thomas [P111]; {M}; -1825; Weeford
PIPE, Thomas [P200]; {M}
PIPE, Thomas [P364]; {M}; abt 1864 Bridgnorth
PIPE, Thomas Family1 Family2 [P542]; {M}
PIPE, Thomas [P548]; {M}; 1716-; Hoppas
PIPE, Thomas [P402]; {M}; 1745-; Hoppas
PIPE, Thomas Family1 [P398]; {M}; 1749-1828; Hopwas
PIPE, Thomas [P241]; {M}; 1775-; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas Family1 [P164]; {M}; 1779-1834; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas Family1 [P362]; {M}; 1806-; Much Wenlock
PIPE, Thomas Family1 [P27]; {M}; 1815-1820; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas [P238]; {M}; 1829-; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas [P789]; {M}; 1829-; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas [P29]; {M}; 1867-; Hopwas
PIPE, Thomas [P239]; {M}; 1867-; Tamworth
PIPE, Thomas Leonard [P240]; {M}; 1851-; Lichfield St Mary
PIPE, Walter [P530]; {M}
PIPE, Wiliam [P521]; {M}
PIPE, William [P253]; {M}
PIPE, William [P334]; {M}
PIPE, William [P341]; {M}; c 1450
PIPE, William [P401]; {M}
PIPE, William [P418]; {M}
PIPE, William [P500]; {M}
PIPE, William [P246]; {M}; 1305-; abt Pipe Ridware
PIPE, William [P317]; {M}; 1768-; Tamworth
PIPE, William [P388]; {M}; 1804-; Austrey
PIPE, William [P387]; {M}; 1822-; Birmingham St Phillips
PIPE, William [P249]; {M}; 1865-; Tamworth
PIPE, William [P421]; {M}; 1868-; Ludlow
PIPE, William Henry [P448]; {M}; 1851-; Birmingham (Twin) 1851 census
PIPE, daughter [P465]; {F}

PIPE MA, Frances [P609]; {F}; 5th issue

PIPE WOLFERSTAN, Samuel [P396]; {M}; 1751-1820; Tamworth
PIPE WOLFERSTAN, Samuel [P620]; {M}; 1778-

PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Alfred Hercy [P634]; {M}; 1863-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Anna Maria [P719]; {F}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Bertram Charles [P66]; {M}; 1860-; Tamworth
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Charles [P736]; {M}; 1869-1879
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Charles [P717]; {M}; 1947-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Christopher Humphry [P733]; {M}; 1949-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Claude Ronald [P624]; {M}; -1916; 2nd Battle of Ypres
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, David Timothy [P653]; {M}; 1970-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Denis [P731]; {M}; 1907-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Egerton Stanley [P633]; {M}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Emily [P723]; {F}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Frances Elizabeth [P722]; {F}; -1909; unm
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Francis Stafford JP [P107]; {M}; 1826-1900; Tamworth
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Gerald Montague [P625]; {M}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Gladys [P628]; {F}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Grace [P718]; {M}; -1903
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Hercy Francis [P636]; {M}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Hilda [P630]; {F}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Horace Middlemore [P725]; {M}; 1864-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Humphry [P729]; {M}; 1902-1917
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Humphry Frank [P737]; {M}; 1872-1900; Spion Kop South Africa
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, John Egerton [P155]; {M}; 1834-1834; Tamworth
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Jonathan [P654]; {M}; 1975-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Julia [P734]; {F}; 1945-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Keith Francis [P651]; {M}; 1964-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Littleton Edward [P727]; {M}; 1866-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Lt Col Hercy [P114]; {M}; 1839-; Tamworth
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Lt Col Swynfen Francis Royal Signals [P637]; {M}; 1906-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Major Egerton [P231]; {M}; 1852-; Darlaston-Hall
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Martin [P716]; {M}; 1938-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Mildred [P626]; {F}; -1928
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Priscilla [P735]; {M}; 1947-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Roger [P730]; {M}; 1903-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Sharon Ruth [P652]; {M}; 1966-
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Stanford William [P64]; {M}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Stanford William [P230]; {M}; 1830-; Tamworth
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Stanley Hercy [P623]; {M}
PIPE WOLVERSTAN, Timothy Swynfen [P715]; {M}; 1935-

PIPE-WOLFERSTAN, Edward [P621]; {M}; 1832-
PIPE-WOLFERSTAN, Humphrey [P122]; {M}; 1754-; Tamworth
PIPE-WOLFERSTAN, Stanley Samuel JP DL [P233]; {M}; 1785-; Tamworth

PRINCE, Howard [P84]; {F}
PRINCE, Sir Richard [P434]; {M}; Shrewsbury

PYPE, Alice [P594]; {F}
PYPE, David [P497]; {M}; 1558-; 4th son
PYPE, Eleanor [P655]; {F}; 1551-; Bilston
PYPE, Elizabeth (MOSELEY, Margaret) [P934]; {F}
PYPE, Elnor [P103]; {F}; 1551-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PYPE, Evan [P456]; {M}; 1547-; third son
PYPE, Humphrey [P592]; {M}
PYPE, Humphrey [P299]; {M}; 1601-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PYPE, James [P278]; {M}; 1590-; Abt
PYPE, Jo'nes [P642]; {M}; heir
PYPE, Joan [P519]; {F}
PYPE, Johan or Jo'nes [P425]; {M}; 1551-1575; 1st Son
PYPE, John [P336]; {M}
PYPE, John [P343]; {M}; -1374
PYPE, John [P522]; {M}; -1542; Lady's Chapel Wolverhampton Church
PYPE, John [P274]; {M}; 1556-; London St Lawrence
PYPE, John [P145]; {M}; 1595-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PYPE, Margaret [P459]; {F}
PYPE, Margeret (WAKELYN, Margeret) [P936]; {F}
PYPE, Mary [P498]; {F}; 1554-; St Lawrence Jewry
PYPE, Mary [P499]; {M}; 1555-; St Lawrence Jewry
PYPE, Randulph [P265]; {M}; -1342; abt 1293
PYPE, Randulph [P338]; {M}; -1342
PYPE, Richard [P266]; {M}
PYPE, Richard [P643]; {M}; second son
PYPE, Richard [P101]; {M}; 1523-1606; Balborough Church, Derbyshire
PYPE, Richard [P455]; {M}; 1548-; 2nd son
PYPE, Richard [P192]; {M}; 1598-; Wolverhamton St Peter
PYPE, Robert [P339]; {M}; -1293
PYPE, Rose [P593]; {F}
PYPE, Sir Richard [P275]; {M}; -1587; Balborough Church, Derbyshire
PYPE, Susan [P591]; {F}
PYPE, Susan [P143]; {F}; 1599-; Wolverhampton St Peter
PYPE, Walter [P596]; {M}

PYPE DE BILSTON, Randulph [P511]; {M}; -1342
PYPE DE BILSTON, Robert [P509]; {M}
PYPE DE BILSTON, Robert [P512]; {M}
PYPE DE BILSTON, Roger [P510]; {M}; -1294
PYPE DE BILSTON, Sir Robert Kt [P337]; {M}
PYPE DE BILSTON, Sir Thomas [P342]; {M}; Abt 1255 Pipe Ridware
PYPE DE BILSTON, Thomas [P600]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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