Horton cum Studley

Hor = muddy tun = place, cum = with

Hortun 1005-12 vairiations Hortone, Hortuna, Horthona

Stud = place for horse,  ley or leah = clearing in wood or little wood

Stodleya 1180 viariations Stodleia, Stodle, Stodleg, Stodlowe 1196, Stollee 1203, Stotle 1242, Studeleye 1526 (diocese of Lincoln) 

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Population: 351 (1851), 384 (1871), 252 (1891), 453 (1991), 443 (1993), 437 (1996), 431 (2001), 429 (2002)

Households 78 (1851), 88 + 2 uninhabited (1871), 61 + 4 uninhabited (1891), 171 (1993), 172 (1996), 175 (2001 forecast)

2002 370 Electors

 The village of Horton is one of the seven towns of Otmoor, and Studley, with its Priory, only became attached to it  later.  Both were in the Bullingdon Hundred.  A small               settlement known as Ash or Asham existed at one time but      this  has entirely disappeared. Ash was on the hill above Gardener’s Barn.  One   field near to Warren Farm is  called Hall Close where Asham Hall probably once stood.                                                                                                              

 The  Otmoor Challenge will be held on the first Saturday in June. For further information contact  Basil Lyster (351 373)

Kat’s Chorus

Interactive music classes for pre school children.

Educational…..and Fun!

 Every Monday 11.30 – 12 midday Millennium Hall, Horton–Cum-Studley 

 Call or Email Kat for more information or to book a free trial session

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A History of Horton cum Studley - Sold Out

The complete Book can be downloaded here


If you require a copy please email timothy.hallchurch@oxfordshire.gov.uk and if there is sufficient demand it will be reprinted

A CD Rom version is available email for details

Bus Service  Brill - HCS - Beckley - Oxford

Summary of service changes to be introduced from 3 June 2007 Service 14 (Thame – Horton-cum-Studley – Beckley - Oxford) 

This service is renumbered 118 and the journeys are incorporated within the 108 timetable.  Curtailed to operate one return ‘shopping’ journey between Oxford and Brill only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Elsfield will be served by service 108 with one return shopping journey (as now) but on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  Operated by Motts Coaches with new low floor single deck bus replacing Heyfordian Travel.   

If you have any comments or ideas for an improved service - change of timings or route please contact Allan Field - Bus Services Manager 01865 815826 or Tim Hallchurch 377099

Mobile Library Service

From 5th June 2006 the mobile library will visit Horton cum Studley as follows:


The Forge 2.35 - 2.50

Otmoor Lodge Hotel 2.55 - 3.10


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Tennis Club - Web Site

New- Otmoor maps from 1575

Parish Council Minutes

Conservation Report

Council News

Isis ceramics - Horton cum Studley


St Barnabas Church Horton cum Studley's fine Victorian Parish Church

Inside the Church


St Barnabas Church;  Diocese of Oxford; Archdeanconry of Oxford (Bishop of Dorchester); Deanery of Aston and Cuddesdon; Benefice of  WHEATLEY (St Mary the Virgin)

 Benefice Address: The Vicarage, 18 London Road, Wheatley Oxford OX33 1YA; Telephone (01865) 872224      

Bishops of Oxford: http://www.oxford.anglican.org/info/history.shtml 


Christmas Carols 2003 Synopsis of Parish Council Meetings from 1894 Ted Ogden
Otmoor Challenge 2004 Pictures Old Adverts Otmoor Challenge 2005 Results
Otmoor Conservative Dinner 13 October 2000      Carol Concert  2001  Millennium Hall Carols 2002 
Harvest Supper 2001   Old Horton cum Studley The Otmoor Challenge 2001 Results and Pictures
 Carol Concert 19th December 2000     The Auger Ladies from Mill Lane in the 19th and early 20th Century The 1955 Sale of The Priory Estate
 The 1919 Sale of Farms and Buildings Warren Farm Open Day 25 June 2000  West Hill Farm Auction 17 September 2000  
1851 Census     1861 Census 1871 Census 
1881 Census       1891 Census   1901 Census
      Minutes of first Parish Meeting 4th Dec 1894 1877 Sales of Studley Priory Valuation of Studley Priory by Henry VIII
   1811 Map of Horton Letter from Turner Henderson Esq about his mother's conditions on village allotments 18th February 1908  Roll of Honour 1914-18 and Memorial to the fallen
Press cutting from WI 45th Birthday       Mid 19c Map of the village      

Maps from 1574

  Late 19c Map of part of the village

1827 Map of Studley Priory area

History of Studley Priory           Map of the old parish of Beckley that includes HCS Draft history of Horton cum Studley  
WI 80th Birthday    Enclosure Act 1827 Roads of Horton cum Studley  Woodperry House
Pictures of old HCS from Mr H Hawes Hatters Tea Party 8 July 2001 Pictures Israel in Egypt 4 May 2001 - Pictures 
George Sargeant 1641 Map of Nash Otmoor Challenge web site The history of the church
Medieval "brooch" found in Waterleys in October 2002 identified see Otmoor Archaeological and Historical Society

Press cutting from village meeting 1962   Jubilee Celebrations  Pirates of Penzance

Rules of the almshouses 1639

Home Guard 1943

The Three Ideals and other poetry by

Alexander Croke 1840 Studley Priory

Sir Alexander Croke


Old Marston History with reference to the Croke family in the Civil War

The Cox family of Whitecross Green
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 The King's Arms and Mr Bumbles Restaurant then the Otmoor Lodge Hotel  and Black Olive Resto then became 

Opened on 23rd October 2002 by Councillor Diana Edwards mayor of Bicester.

The Lodge is now under new management and is upgrading the rooms and has opened a Restaurant. Plans are being formulated for further rooms and possibly a shop and post office to replace the Post Office Stores now closed. The Lodge is owned and run by the same management as the Tally Ho in Arncott. The food is excellent and is to be recommended. Plans have been approved to provide extra rooms to make the place financially viable, and to provide a shop and coffee/tea shop. This will be partly financed by dwellings being built behind the Lodge.


         Post Office Stores sadly closed on 2 October 2004

Newspapers are now being delivered by Mr P A Franklin Newsagent, Cornbrash, Main Street, Merton, OX25 2NF tel 01865 331378 mobile 07711144847. Delivery charges are £3.50 per week

The Post Office has written to the Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council advising on the temporary closure of the branch. The letter dated 22 October 2004 states:

"I am writing to advise you about the temporary closure of this branch which closed on 2nd October, due to the resignation of the Sub-postmistress and the withdrawal of the premises for the use as a Post Office.

We are working hard to explore ways to restore normal services and we currently have two people who may be interested in opening a Post Office in the village..... "

The letter goes on the give details of alternative post offices:

Brill Branch, 1 Temple Street Brill, opening times  Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 0900 -1230 and 1330-1730; Wednesdays and Saturdays 0900 - 1230. Brill Post Office also issues Motor Vehicle licenses.

There is also a Post Office and stores at Arncott that issues Motor Vehicle licenses.

Customer Helpline 08457 22 33 44



Are you loosing fish and frogs from your garden pond. This large Grass Snake has just eaten a large frog or toad from my Mill Lane pond in August. Click on image to enlarge.


Where is Horton and where is Studley?  In my research for the history of the village I examined the  Enclosure Act 1827 Roads of Horton cum Studley  that designates the public roads and footpaths and other enclosures. The Act clearly states that Studley is over the border into Buckinghamshire and that Horton is in Oxfordshire.  The border was then along the Brill Road just after the track down to Gardener's Barn.  Then why was Studley Priory not called Horton Priory?

Tim Hallchurch

From a Sales Catalogue from Studley Bucks in 1853:

White Cross Green Wood CATALOGUE OF 51 PLATS OF CAPITAL UNDERWOOD Standing in White Cross Green Wood and in Gardiner's Coppice, Bucks, Adjoining the Road leading from Oxford to Brill, and about 6 Miles from Oxford, The Property of Lady Croke, Which Will Be Sold by Auction, by Messrs. T. Mallam & Son, on Thursday, December 8, 1853, At Mr J. Burrows's the Sign of the Kings Arms Studley.... Poster, size 13«" x 8«", slightly off-set. Printed by H. Cooke and Co., Oxford, 1853. £24.00
'The young Heirs of Oak mus be left uncut and not damaged...'


Horton cum Studley Parish Council

Members of the Parish Council:

Chairman  David Prosser

Andrew Payne

Sarah Foxcroft

Colin Badger

Barbara Jewell

Alexia Lewis - clerk


Farewell to Rev. Beverly Hall :

On Saturday May 19th 2002, a party was held in the Millennium Village Hall to say thank you and farewell to a very special person. In the relatively short time that she has spent amongst us whilst studying at Westminster College, Bev Hall has contributed a great deal, and has made a great impact upon people in the village and beyond. She is someone with a remarkable gift for friendship.

Farewell Card with messages from Bev's friends in Horton cum Studley

Bev has now returned home and will shortly resume her ministry in the Methodist Church of America. Her new congregation, set in the midst of the cornfields of Ohio, will be very blessed to have her as their minister, just as we have been very blessed by her gifts of friendship, faithfulness, prayerful wisdom, humour, enthusiasm and genuine concern for other people, and especially children and young people, over the past two years.


St Barnabas Church

Oxford Diocesan Magazine

June 1968

The story of an Oxfordshire "chapel by the moor's edge" by FRANCES JONES (one of the churchwardens)


Sadly Ted Ogden died on 6th February 2006, who worked tirelessly in the organisation of past Otmoor Challenges.



Hummingbirds seen in Horton cum Studley?

There have been a number of reports of people seeing Hummingbirds in their garden this summer.  In fact it is not a bird but the Hummingbird Hawk Moth Macroglossum stellatarum that is am immigrant from the Continent.


The moth hovers in front of flowers similar to a Hummingbird and makes a similar noise. It may breed in Britain as its caterpillars have been found on bedstraw.

Main Street (Horton Hill)   


Mill Lane December 2000  

Mill Lane


The village in Winter

                            Village Newsletter - contributions to:     ANNA CAHILL [annacahill@btinternet.com]


Horton cum Studley Women's Institute 


President          Annie Anderson 351551

Secretary          Julie Ogden 351421

Treasurer           Rachel Hawes 351540

Programme Secretary:  Barbara Jewell 351315


Committee:  Anneke Lyster, Suzanne Read,

Committee meetings: 8pm first Tuesday of the month

Monthly meetings: 7.45 pm second Tuesday of the month in the Millennium Hall

Millennium Village Hall will hold 250 people and has a stage, changing rooms and a committee room.

For those that are nostalgic about the old hall 

Further Pictures of Old Horton cum Studley

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